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Hernia under left ribs?


I have upper left quadrant pain.

To be more specific, I've been having mild pain in one of my lower-most ribs on the left side for over a month now.
One rib feels especially sore to touch. Massaging that rib makes the pain go away. Sometimes the entire region feels sore to the touch. It is slightly painful to lie down on the left side.

Immediately below the left ribs, if you press the abdomen, you can feel something popping or crackling, and there is some movement inside (its not so if you press the corresponding right side of the abdomen). It's not painful if you press this area underneath the ribcage. But the rib itself is sore and slightly painful to press. Sometimes when I bend over I feel some movement in there, like some fiber is moving.

I had a doctor palpate my abdomen and she could not find anything. She thought it was a sore muscle or something. But I'm concerned about the movement beneath the left-side ribcage.

I was wondering if these are the signs of a hernia just underneath the ribcage, on the left side?
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I have the exact same thing; a popping sensation only on the lower left side, just under the rib. No real pain, but some tenderness. If I press with my fingers I will nearly always feel this movement, and it often appears as a chain of spasms that is visible under the skin. It started a week ago in connection with having the flu and heavy coughing, and now seems to be almost constant, especially when I sit down. I'm hoping that when my coughing stops, the condition will improve, any experience with this?

I have found this quite uncomfortable and worrying, it would be great if anyone has had any luck finding treatment to help the symptoms?

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If you have any questions you would like answered, please post your question as its own post because this one is so old.
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Hi, i sorta know how you are all feeling i have sorta the same thing, mines under the left side of my ribcage and it can get very painful, the most painful time is when i get heartburn and it affects my back and front area and i have to try to make myself burp to try and release the pain.
i have a funny soft moveable lump near the bottom of my left rib  and it can get very sore but does not have any popping sounds but i can move it around and it seems to of got a little bigger, i have a doctors appointment today hoping they can tell me what it is as it has me worried.
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ive had the same condition for around 3years i was told to lose w8 within the first year i had it by the doctor but didnt listern im starting to wish i did as it has got worse. but i think the reason why it has got worse is not because i didnt loose w8 but because i have always worryd about it and that has corsed alot of stress and i now suffer with anxiety and ibs so my advise would be try not to worry about it and unless ur slim try losing a few pounds. and if anyone els finds anything out please let us know thanx.
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One night out of the clear blue I felt something sticking out of my left upper rib cage. It is tender if I touch it or even when I use an underwire bra. It feels like a ligament or a swollen vein. I am not sure. There is some discomfort not exactly pain. I am at the gym almost 6 days out of the week so I suspect it had to do with some excercise I did. If anyone experienced this before please let me know.
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i have the same thing it started about seven years ago it feels like pressure or a bulge on the left bottom of rib cage and if i palpitate the are it makes a clicking or popping feeling kind of like popping a plastic botttle.Sometimes it is painful, and i've noticed it has seemed to have caused heart palpitations or like my heart flutters and skips.
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