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Hernia under left ribs?


I have upper left quadrant pain.

To be more specific, I've been having mild pain in one of my lower-most ribs on the left side for over a month now.
One rib feels especially sore to touch. Massaging that rib makes the pain go away. Sometimes the entire region feels sore to the touch. It is slightly painful to lie down on the left side.

Immediately below the left ribs, if you press the abdomen, you can feel something popping or crackling, and there is some movement inside (its not so if you press the corresponding right side of the abdomen). It's not painful if you press this area underneath the ribcage. But the rib itself is sore and slightly painful to press. Sometimes when I bend over I feel some movement in there, like some fiber is moving.

I had a doctor palpate my abdomen and she could not find anything. She thought it was a sore muscle or something. But I'm concerned about the movement beneath the left-side ribcage.

I was wondering if these are the signs of a hernia just underneath the ribcage, on the left side?
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Hi, i have this popping too, mine is in my ribs at the back not front though
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I am so glad I found this site too!  I thought I was going crazy. Not sure if mine is the same, but I have a lot of the same symptoms, the popping, the pain on the side when I lay down, get up or even when I sit in a chair at first. It feels like I am bruised on that side, but only when in certain positions. Mine just recently I feel in the back too and I thought it was my kidney, but have no other kidney symptoms. I am going to the doctor today, but had a similar issue with the other side last year (not as painful as this time though) and they did all kinds of tests, ultrasound, blood tests and found nothing. Told me it was probably muscular. I am sorry but my muscles shouldn't be sore for months!
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I am so pleased I found this. Was getting myself worried lying in bed feeling around my ribs to compare one side to the other. I have an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday,but feel much better knowing it's probably nothing serious. My symptoms are exactly as you have all described, although I haven't had or heard the popping, just feel very tender and sore under my left rib cage, almost how a bruise would feel to press against. Also if I am sitting and leaning over to the left the pain is a lot worse when I get up. Slipping rib symptom!! Thank you all. Aren't we so lucky that is all we have to worry about :) Finally will get a good nights sleep tonight, but will keep doctors appointment on Wednesday to be sure.
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I am a 46 yr old female and I have this same issues under the left rib for many years and it is now alot worse and pinching at my shoulder blade in the left side of my back.., my docotor has ordered what is called a hydoscan. This is a dye test for the gallbladder. Sometimes the gallbladder ultrasound  does not show the diseased gall bladder and thats why he is ordering this test. I am in such discomfort that I am hoping this is what the culprit is, that way they can remove the galllbladder and I can get some relief....finally someone willing to look further into this issue...It used to be that when I bent over to tie my shoe I would get like a charlie horse or a muscle tightening up and at times even pulsating like a butterfly. I can't stand it no more and will push till I get some results in the matter, waited long enough already...The best to all of you and I will post the results..
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Oh my- I thought I was going crazy- Mine has been hurting for 2 weeks now- I believe it started from coughing from bronchitis....Now it is very tender, right under my left rib- It feels bruised and tight. The worst is trying to lay on my left side in bed- It feels like there is a golf ball under my skin and pushes into the bed...It wakes me up every night when I roll over.Dr said last week its just a pulled muscle.....But it isn't getting any better!!!  
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yes - thanks for this thread! - i have pretty much decided that this discomfort (not really pain) is not deep enough in my body to be an organ - and the stories here have helped me be a bit less paranoid and realize that there are suite a few possibilities that are not unmanageable -

my discomfort is like many others here - for about 3 years slightly different position and degree, a discomfort ranging from just barely noticeable to almost pain - when it first appeared it was "pain" on occasion but that subsided and now - and like others - with more stressful life situations, it tends to become more noticeable.   Only today it occurred to me that it may be come kind of hernia.

anyway - thanks to all for your stories and to the doc above for his findings as well.  guess it's one of those afflictions we learn to work with and heal through our own efforts cause i'm certainly not going under the knife for this -

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