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Years ago Dr. SS I had some type hernia that was size small egg that popped out and Hurt Bad and took my breath away and hard push back in
But then he SS had to see it But there no way due to It felt like it was strangling and taking my breath away so I had to push it back
Since it went to 3 eggs lg as I called them to Now a lg log as I call it
Now it is Harder to get it back under my ribb and now I have 1 ex lg egg that is coming out on upper Righ ribb
Vary painful, in between ribs Vary sore to touch
Dr. Other day SS is some type hernia and seeing a surgeon on the 25th
I’ve been told years past that I had a hiatal hernia not sure if this is the same I do have acid reflex Gerd and all that but this is worse and so hard now to get it pushed back under the pain is out of this world and it takes your breath away
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