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Hiccups problem


I have been having the hiccups for the last 5 days now and I also after I hiccup sometimes sound like I have a bad cough. The last time this happened it went away right away but not it has not. My hiccups sound like I'm gasping and its very constant. I first thought it was just the change in weather because it started at night and I was outside for a few hours. Then it kept happening and the last few nights I was outside for a few hours.  
It its getting to the point where its getting very annoying. I have tried different breathing things to do. I done the steam in the shower and also taken an inhaler. The last time I had this the inhale and steam helped but this has not seem to help at all.

Im not sure what to do now. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I have also seen my doctor and my doctor had no idea why this is still going on.
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