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Hot drunk burned throat/esophagus

Call me a ditz but I took a big gulp of a hot drink and it BURNED all the way down. For the last two days since, I am having trouble eating because it hurts all the way down. The first day after it felt like my lungs hurt too. I'm assuming I burned my throat/esophagus. I can swallow food, it just hurts. Will I be okay? How long will this last? Is there anything I can do to remedy it?
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Meant so say "hot drink" not "hot drunk"! Oops!
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It may heal on its own, but you will likely have caused tissue damage. Though assuming you didn't swallow cooking water (normally you'd spit something out if it really burned your tongue), the damage will probably not be permanent.
If it persists for another day or two, get your esophagus checked out.

Drinking hot drinks isn't smart and is linked to throat and esophageal cancer.
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