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How bad is it to use enemas on a regular basis?

I've been having trouble moving my bowels, and wonder in this question only about enemas, nothing else (like laxatives, fiber, etc.) If I took an enema every day for a long period of time, is that bad?  I'm trying other things,but for this thread, I'd like to hear only about enemas.
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It's bad. Start drinking warm water 3 times day it helps intestines move. Add pitted dates to your morning plus stewed prunes they are actually nice served warms both are high in fiber. If it keeps up after that make sure they scope you I have ready 12 extra feet of intestines and without warm water with my fiber things do not move! They wanted do preform surgery but leaky gut and intestinal tear risky to. Stop any caffeinated drinks they no help! No toast no rice those bind you up as do  potatoes.
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Thanks. I made myself a prune drink but will start doing the warm water thing. You have 12 extra feet of intestines? Wow. I guess I am going to get a colonoscopy soon, although I've resisted for years.
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