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How can this be called Unspecifed Abdominal Pain?

I am a recent  loop llleostomy person. I am having nonspecific adominal pain in the upper adominal area under my ribs and in the center of my chest.  The er Docter thought it might be my gallbladder but it wasnt.  I know it hurts but they couldnt find nothing.  I dont  believe it is in my head.  What  should I do.  The pain is there still and  I know its not  in my head?
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Have you seen your GI doctor regarding this?  As you know pain is a symptom, so see your GI and go from there.  Get several opinions if need be, it took 4 to get my son diagnosed properly.  Take care.
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I have had several abdominal and intestinal surgeries.  If they have ruled out anything going on with your GI tract it could be adhesions or abdominal wall pain.  I have both.  Abdominal wall pain can happen after surgeries and unfortunately is just a chronic condition.  Mine seems to come with my fibromyalgia flares so I think it is because it is a muscle.  Adhesions often form after surgeries.  Take a look at the health pages attached to the Ovarian Cyst forum on a great posting on how to deal with them using ball rolling (I bought the Yamuna ball rolling kit).  As well, a massage therapist skilled in myofascial release can help.
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