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How can you have pancreatitis with low Amylase and Lipase results?

Hello,  My Sister In Law has been in hospital for past 3 weeks(changed Hospital once), the diagnosis is pancreatitis
but the lab work does not agree with this. Her Amylase is low 40's, Her Lipase is 20's. The rest of her Chems., and
Heme results are normal. She just started having increased Glucose the past 5 days. She had Gastric Bypass Surgery in 2001 and had many problems after including having her Gall Bladder removed. She is in extreme pain and
they are afraid to go in and do exploratory due to the Gastric Bypass. We are so concerned and wonder if anyone else has had a something like this happen and what were the results? Maybe someone could direct us to a medical ream that has experience with this problem.
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I too have a very low lipase number with acute and pain, blotted stomach, constipation, and gas (coming out both ends). Went to ER. They did a CT and blood work and told me everything was fine and sent me out the door. I was still in pain, bloated and feeling abandoned. I have all my labs and finally my CT scan results. I will be calling them on Monday 11/16/2020. They lied to me. 9 abnormal values on BMP, low lipase (lipase is run for detection of pancreatitis, if it's high it's pancreatitis) 6 abnormal values on my CBC. I've been researching all day and have narrowed it down. It's either a small bowel obstruction, but not completely blocked, internal hernia (the CT may not pick this up) which can cause partial bowel obstruction, or Roux limb volvollus (An obstruction due to twisting or knotting of the gastrointestinal tract).
Physical exam and blood work may be unremarkable, plain imaging studies will show dilated loop of bowel and air fluid levels.
Please if anyone has/is going thru this or had gone thru this let is know. Tomorrow I'm going to make a call and probably show my redneck side. I will come back with an update.
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