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How do the doctors pin point what is wrong when you have so many symptoms?

I started with alot of pain, and had my gallbladder removed.  That didn't help the pain!  I then got lesions on my hands, with bladder, and yeast infections that won't leave.  With that being said, my kidneys, pancreas area hurts so bad, and the part of my stomach between my ribs spasms.  I was just in the hospital for 6 days, and got a stent put in my pancreas, and my mouth, lips, bottom all swolled up.  I am still in so much pain!  They want to take the stent out as of tomorrow.  My liver enzymes are way off the charts.  I don't know what to do anymore.  I am trying to get to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  I feel like I am dying, and noone is helping me.  I am afraid of going under again since last time they didn't sedate my enough and I woke up suffocating with a tube in my throat.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can look for information to help me figure this all out?  Thank you
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I think you're right to keep searching for doctors who can answer your questions and make the pain go away.  I suffer with severe abdominal pain  (cramps, spasms?) that 5 weeks after gall bladder removal has gotten worse.  I've had many tests done and have no good answers yet.  This is NOT any fun.

Keep the faith and continue to be aggressive with your medical care. What you are experiencing is not normal and no doctor should make you accept your level of pain and your anxiety over your health.

As for reference info, keep searching this site and the web in general.  It may be hard for you to try to ID a cause with your diverse symptoms.  I have very specific, consistent symptoms and the GE can't nail down the cause of my pain.  Just stay as informed as possible and push those doctors to go the extra mile for you.

Good luck, let us know what you find and how you're doing!!

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thank you, and yes it is alot of different things going on.  What is so weird about all this, is that these blisters, and the gyno parts turned up with the pancreas and kidney pain.  I have read that with pancreaitis, you get alot of dermatology problems, and problems with your female parts.  When I saw the derm. doctor he first said, "are you sure you don't have problems with your liver."  Well now that my enzymes are way up  I guess I do.  I know how you feel, the pain is crazy, and that right there makes the anxiety go up, and then the doctors think it's all in my head.  Have a good day.
jane anne
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Oh, I just wanted to say that I have been very tested for any stds and all stds that would make all this add up, and that is not what this is...thank god.
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So, you had your GB removed and it didn't help -- same with me.  Why don't we go to our doctors and ask if we can have our GBs back?  I guess I'd better be careful what I ask for because he also removed a 1" gallstone.  Would he put that back in too?  :-)

I've had several things go wrong all at once and it's tempting to try to relate them all.  In your case maybe there is that linkage between all these symptoms and one problem.  For me I've had to separate them and see different doctors.  A recent significant spike in blood sugar had me freaking out because diabetes runs in my family.  I mentioned this to the GE and he could see no correlation between high blood sugar and my ab pain.  So I had to pursue diabetes as a separate illness, and as it turns out it was a non-issue.  I've read that blood sugar can spike as a result of pain, illness, or surgery -- I'm surprised the GE didn't mention that!!

Okay, enough ranting.  Good luck navigating your way through this frustrating mess called health care.  
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So Sorry you are in so much misery!!  Are you in the hospital now??  Sounds like yes?
Do you have anybody that can help you get to a better hospital??  Like a large university or teaching hospital??  
Please let them deal with the insurance and try to find a specialist in the liver/pancreas
I think they are called biliary drs. but please I could be wrong!!
I hope you have someone to fight for you!!

I guess you had an ercp for them to stent the duct, was it blocked??  I know you feel
like ****, but when the dr. comes in to do his morning/afternoon rounds make a list and ask him. Or have your partner do it.

They are working on your body, and there are people here, although they are not Drs.
they have a lot of knowledge, really.  Like CalGal, she seems to know soo much, so
I'm sure the more info you can give her the more she can help you!!

PS   I also had GB out- but didn't have any of your "classic" symptoms
Funny, well not really, but the radiologist phoned the office and was
concerned abt the pancreas!!, if GB didn't come out asap.  So I had
it out asap, sorry I didn't ask more questions.  Will have to try to get
that report, who knows maybe this guy really was on to something!!

I hope you have help.............georgie
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thank you both and dave that first comment is so funny it lit me up this morning from beng sick all night.  I am not in the hospital, but I know this is going to sound weird but I have both hands with some new blister like things, and I am going to call my doc. asap to see if he can cut and culture them.  When the blister breaks we an check it but get no reading on what it is due to the liquad being gone.  Georgie..I am seeking other medical help from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  Weither they take me is another story.  I want to say that all these months I have felt so very alone and that even going out in public was hard thinking everyone could see I was sick.  Just talking to you knowng I am not alone has carried through the past couple days...thats great.  I don't know if this is going to turn anyone away from talking to me thinking I am crazy, but I even told my doc honestly that..I have this intuition feeling that I am infected inside and that my body pysically wants to vomit it out.  wish me luck today that we find an answer with checking the blisters, and I will let you know what happens. I am glad to hear that you don't have diabetes. I did get checked for that to cause a symptom of that are having blist, and infec that don't go away, and the very dry cracked feet.  Mine turned out neg. to.  Have agreat day and I hope you all are doing ok!!!
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I began a search because my bottom lip keeps splitting open in several places, Vaseline helps most, but it won't go away.  Funny, my GB was removed, at the time I had let it go so long that I had pancreatitis, GB was removed but pancreatitis returned, with swollen liver. Dr has requested blood work and ultrasound. I'm waiting to get this done. I want to say by what all of you have posted, I know it is all related.  I don't know how far it will go, I hope I don't have cancer.  Also Jane I have thought I was going crazy also. Even thought of checking into hospital because of it. I have slowly quit taking Prozac thinking maybe it was my meds, but it was not. My pancreas and liver are causing all these problems, I believe it is also your problem too. I pray for you all, thank you!
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