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How long PPIs to work?

I haven't been feel well since last Aug. '07 - nausea most of the time, burping, stomach gurlgling, once in awhile pressure in chest/back.  After many tests (MRI, CAT scan, gall bladder ultrasound and HIDA scan, 48 hour Bravo pH and endoscopy, gastric emptying, bacterial overgrowth, colonoscopy and barium enema) , I was diagnosed by a GI dr. with GERD and some mild gastritis.  Everything else was OK (except 2 tiny gall bladder polyps and HIDA scan EF =32%).  I took zegerid 40 mg 2x's/day.  It seemed like it was working at first, then it seemed to stop.  I can feel that the gastritis is healed but still have the nausea, especially in the morning, no appetite, burping.  My dr. just switched my to Aciphex 2x's/day.  This is my 6th day on it.  For 2 days, I felt really good - no nausea, burping, appetite returned.  Today,  I don't feel so good - symptom have somewhat returned.  Any suggestions?  How much Zantac can I take along with the Aciphex.  I really want to feel better.
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Have you switched your diet to one that's GERD-friendly? If not you may want to consider doing so. Not everyone is able to manage on meds alone.

You're going to need to ask your doc if you can supplement with Zantac. There shouldn't be a problem with that, but he'll need to suggest a dosage. But typically 2x a day on Aciphex should do the job, although it supposedly can take up to 14 days to reach full effectiveness.

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