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Hunger pains, digestive issues, and physical problems

I am a 24 year old female. For the past month or so I feel starving all the time. It's the feeling of a gurgling stomach and intense, sickening gnawing hunger pain underneath the gurgling. It makes me immediately start sweating, I get hot and feel that I'll be sick (faint, throw up, etc.) if I don't eat immediately. I run into the kitchen and drink milk and eat oatmeal, peanut butter toast, etc. Sometimes eating makes the pain go away for for maybe an hour, but then the pain starts again, and sometimes eating doesn't make the pain go away at all. I can't sleep through the night. I wake up about every 1 to 2 hours with the pain, pounding heart, dizziness and sweating. I eat a granola bar and fall back asleep for a bit until I wake up with the same thing again. Mornings are horrible. When I wake up I feel dizzy, faint, hungry, and the gnawing hunger pain in my stomach. I've gained 10 pounds because I eat all the time, and I'm don't exercise anymore because of the pain and fear that I'll faint.

Other issues I'm having are: excessive gas, bloating, burping up bile, diarrhea in the mornings and increased bowel movements. I also suffer from anxiety. When I start getting the hunger feeling I worry that my blood sugar is low and that sends me into an anxiety attack. The pain also sends me into an anxiety attack because it hurts so bad and I don't know what's going on. The lack of sleep, no exercise, weight gain, constant eating, and inability to go out are ruining my life and making my anxiety worse. I've been taking 40mg of Pepcid AC  every day for a month and I don't think it's helping.

For the past month I drank a Slim Fast every morning, and a month's worth of Slim Fast was just recalled because they might be contaminated with Bacillus Cereus. I thought maybe that was the problem, but I haven't had a Slim Fast in about a week and my problems remain. I don't know if the two things are related or just circumstantial.
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It sounds like you have an excess of acid in your stomach that may be created by an ulcer.  When you eat, it gives the excess acid something to work on and this is why you feel better.  It also sounds like you have some GERD (acid reflux) the the bile coming up.  Stop the Pepcid and try chewing Tums, if this helps then we know it's too much acid.  Tums, and other antacids gets rid of the acid.  But you need to see a doctor about the GERD, the bile coming up can erode your esophagus.  When sleeping, keep your held slightly elevated.  Your stress is adding to your problems.  You really need to see a gastroenterologist to get some help with this.  It's nothing serious, but left untreated can become serious.  I don't know if the ulcer is creating excess acid, or the excess acid is causing an ulcer.  Try Tums and see if you get any relief, and then see the doctor.
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I had all of these symptoms you are talking about and I'm currently having them again.  This past Friday 12/11/09, my doctor contacted me regarding my stool test results and he has found that I have another type of stomach bacteria called CDF
(C-Dif)  this is short form of course.  I am 37 years old and have two children.

This stomach bacteria is caused from taking two many penicillin's over the years.  One penicillin my doctor mentioned that individuals should stay away from is the Cipro medication.  Apparently this penicillin, the C-Dif bacteria is resistant to it and it can cause it to multiply.  

I always was diagnosed with H pylori in 2007.  When I had the H pylori I had all the same feelings you are having this very minute.  I felt like I was going to die.  I always felt constipated, dizzy, queasy, wanted to vomit before I would eat and after but couldn't, extremely fatigue.  I would sleep the entire day away if you'd let me.  Couldn't get up to interact with my husband and children.  It was absolutely horrible.  I had a bloated stomach all the time, looked as though I was pregnant.  

I also gained weight up to 180lbs, when my entire life I have been between 128-130lbs.  After being treated for the H pylori I began to lose weight and now I am back to at least 135lbs.  A lot of the weight I carried was from water retain-age.

Get to a Gasto Doc ASAP!  Your symptoms sound so similar to mine.  I am going through some of your symptoms now and I am on another medication to get rid of the C-Dif.  The medicines horrible, but I'm glad at least the bacteria is being treated.  If your interested I also posted a brief blog about my struggles with the stomach bacteria H pylori in 2007.  Its under the title H pylori and C-Dif complications.  I posted it Dec 9th.  It will give you some more insight of my symptoms etc.

I hope you find out what is causing your symptoms and please don't wait to get to the Doc.  
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Thanks for the replies. I did sleep sitting up last night for the first time and my stomach pain was significantly reduced. There was still a feeling of hunger (gurgling, empty) but not the intense gnawing pain that usually occurs. Maybe that is significant... Plus, less diarrhea! Haha.

I know a major factor is also stress, and I've been going through a lot lately. Kitchen remodel, house painted, friend seriously injured, the list goes on and on...

I am thinking about quitting the Pepcid and trying something else, because I know not every medicine works well for every person.
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I am too feeling the strong hunger pains. I've been to 3 gastroenterologist  and no one can explain whats going on. It has been going on for the past 4 years now and i've had many breakdowns because of this. The aggressive hunger pain is so strong that I can't concentrate on things. Eating does curve it, but then it comes right back 20 min later. I also have a bigger appetite with this problem. What use to fill me up with having a waffle in the morning, now i have to eat 2 waffles and i get hungry a half hour later.  I try to workout to try to maintain my weight with this appetite, but it just intensifies it even more. Trying to ignore the pain sometimes, makes me fatigue and i get more irritable with things. I also, wake up in the middle of the night and have to eat something in order to go back to bed. It's too painful that i can't ignore sometimes. I've had numerous tests done. Colonoscopy, scope, MRI on lower stomach, ultra sound, GI series, and numerous blood work. Checked for Celiac disease, parasite, etc. All says nothing to the abnorm.  I've tried every medication there is. Prilosec, Zegrid, Acidphex, Prevacid, Pepcid. All the generics. I'm now on Nexium 40mg. twice a day. I don't know what else to do.
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i am having the same symptoms that you guys are listing. It has now affected my whole body. severe fatigue, palpitations and exhaustion with low exertion, hot feelings/heat intolerance, recurring infections/sicknesses, what feels like a hormonal imbalance, and most definitely stomach/digestion issues and weird pains that feel like hunger pains.It has caused me to be unable to work and sometimes be scared to be alone from it feeling so weird or painful.  I think that the root of it all comes from a digestive issue. something is definitely wrong and then causing an even greater stress on the body. I have gone to a million different specialists at this point and nobody has been able to help. one doctor just conflicts with the next all of my bloodwork and testing comes back normal. I am finally seeing a naturopathic doctor and a functional medicine specialist and hopefully they have more answers. they are leaning towards an adrenal and digestive issue.hopefully i will find out soon and get some answers and be able to funtion like a normal independent adult again
I am experienciexperiencing the same. Were the doctors able to find the cause?
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