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I need your help ....

HI evrybody this sonund crazy but not for me i am 27  years old and desperat with out  evry  thing
i dont have a proper life . because  i am too stincky to be with people, all alone and be allone in the future
unllese i get some thing usefull to elliminate the semell or dcrease the gas i have.

Dea ANGLE  who read this i dont know  what to say if you were with me when i write this you will not finish
to sit with me . in ethiopia i could not get aproper medication or digonisis  and i serch the internate about flatulence
i found devrom for the odure and beano to reduce the gas but i couldnot find both  in farmcy . even i cant able to buy on ebay because of in our country it dosnot work......in all of the resons i have, i could not find my hope  and lost it unlse some body out there help me. please  i beg SOME ANGLE to send me beno or bean-zyme( which is cheap)   only 1 botel to try it . AND TO KNOW THERE IS HOP UOT  THERE.

if you  know  what i am in  you know why i hate my  birth day
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I am going to cover everything I can think of to help you.  So please forgive me if some of what I say is basic.  I don't know enough about you to do otherwise.

First of all, you need to visit a doctor or a clinic or a hospital.  This may be a medical problem that can be treated.  Secondly, you might have a physical disorder that causes you to smell bad, and in the U.S. this has been publicized, and it has been talked about here, so if you will do a "Search" for it at this website, you should find other similar posts... the search rectangle is in the upper right corner of this page, type in key words like "smell, odor."  

Thirdly, you do not say how long you have had smelly gas.  If this is a recent event, then could be your digestion is goofed up.  I can suggest a couple "natural" things to help.  Smelly gas comes from waste that is "rotting."  Digestive waste rots when it sits in the bowel too long.  So, you need to do a few things to keep your digestion regular.  Drink plenty of water every day, eat plenty of whole grains and vegies, and exercise daily.  For example, you should eat 100 percent whole wheat bread every day.

Fourthly, if your smell does not come from gas, but you just smell all the time, I have to assume you keep up good hygiene, which includes keeping your clothes and body clean, perhaps using underarm deodorant, and brushing your teeth every day.  For example, sometimes people will wear the same shoes for years, and shoes can give off a dreadful odor.  There are foods and herbs that can neutralize odors in a person.  Google a few "natural food store" or "herbal medicine" websites for info.  For example, mint or peppermint leaves will mask some odors.  It is also possible you need to see a dentist, sometimes the mouth can smell bad.

I hope some of this helps you.  It is a terrible thing to have a health problem.  I don't know if you get the "Oprah" TV show where you live, but they did a whole program on people who had strange smells, their whole lives.  Also, there are plenty of people in the U.S. and other countries who from disease or accidents lose the function of their bowels completely, and they have to wear a little bag for their wastes, and have to empty it regularly, and they worry about their odor all the time.  So, you are not alone.
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hi ggreg it is nice to finde who care thank you very much .

THIRST actually i post some information on medhelp.org . since i have this bad smel it has been around  8 years . i visit three hospistal , two clinic and  two health station . they could not find  any helath problem . the thing is i am very healthy and able to eat any thing .

the last gastro intestine specilaist i visit  . ..i wait 3 month to see him   said you have no hop  one surgical doctor send me to sicatric hospital  to find it is my imagination i have the copy . i vist  the hospital  and no chainge  .

SECOND  it start after i have ....a swell on my sphencter on the left side of my anus after aweek it burst and it had a  yellow fluid with  blood . after the burst it dry and cured  and i become well except that i have the  consequence   to have the fltulence the surgical doctor i have visited said that  my sphencter  is ok .

THIRD  it has been more than 8 years since it all start . some time I tride  pasta , bread and rice. i didnt use  one  of them  more than 2 days  and  all  of them more than  a week
i tride  camomelly herb but i could not find other herbs i found on the internet  because they are diffrent languge  we use Amharic languge but i belive they are available.
yes you are right about digestion  . it was like this after i had removed my feces completly i can get a relif  about 1 and 2 hours after i see this evry morning i drink magnisium sulfate  (saline)  it removed  all i ate  and i will not eat for halve day acording my program and i go where i want .

FOURTH  absolutly not hygenical ,tooth , body or shoe smeel ofcourse  i dont have sufficint thigs like the westerns but i hve evry thing i need  compared to hte ethiopian standard  i keep my stuff cleen .and  it is absolutly come fom flatulence.

I KONW ophra  but i couldnot have  the chance to see her show  you know she was there  a feew years a go  in addis ababa, ethiopia  to help a fistula hospital there she saw  womens who are  maried under age  and  and they have fistula because sex, rape  or birth   they cant control ther feces  and pee most of them are fom the coutry side they left allone in one house or  drived  off  from their village it is terouble to see them live in asemetry . after all ophra help  the hospital to raise fund on her show.... thankk you very much  for you concern
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Do you thing gas problems acn be caused by change of food and climate. I have this smelly gases. I came US on Feb. from Africa and developed this gas problem. This is first time having such a problem. Its really horrible... i cant take a bus, meet new frns.

i hope it wont take long to get a solution for this problem.
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Dear Minte,
Thank you for giving more details about your background.  Here is a website that talks about your problem, including smells that come out of the digestive tract, even in a person with a normal anal area.


You said your doc found that, even though you had a swelling area that was infected and burst a few years ago, he thought your anus was still working fine.  At the above website, under the tab "About Incontinence," several pages explain that, even if your anus is working right, you can still have the smell.  It lists many reasons why this can happen and then discusses treatment, which includes surgery and also natural ideas.  By studying that website, you might be able to figure out what fits your situation best, and you can go from there.  I hope this helps.

Dear CN,
Plenty of people get gas when they move to another continent.  Change in food is the main reason, takes a while for the body to adjust.  

In the meantime, you can try eating some "Activia Yogurt" from the grocery store, just follow the instructions on the package, it should help normalize your digestive system.  Gas usually comes when the digestive tract gets stopped up and the food sits in there and rots, giving off gas.  Some of the kinds of food that will cause this are meats and fatty foods, so avoid eating out and fast-food places for a while.  In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water, as there is a lot of salt in American food, which too much can dry out and clog up a person unless they stay well-hydrated.  

Finally, there is a lot of stress in changing where you live, so stay relaxed, get some daily exercise, which easy walks outside is a good idea.  There is also a chance you have contracted some sort of intestinal bacteria, which can give off gas, so a visit to the county clinic where you live now, they might can do a stool test and draw blood, to see if you have a tummy flu of some kind, and they can offer treatment.
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Dear ggreg

Thank you very much for tip me the website you refer me.

Yes i have incontinence; it is not controlling my stool but controlling the gas. I tried to control it when it comes but it escapes with out my knowledge i know it escape when people around me tolled me that some thing smells. And if it doesn’t come nothing smell around me .that means the smell come with gas

The gas is sensible I know it came and even i can make sound from it , even it didn’t work for me but  I tried to make a fire from it  .
After all if I have not having much gas a day as a normal person i am ok with the controlling problem with my sphincter. My big problem is about 10 times an hour gas.
If this gas is gone it means like a miracle to me. I badly think it is only my solution and I also will see the web you write me and will found out what is there for me.

ggreg   I really need some  angle to help me to  send  me medicine that can  reduce the gas or eliminate the smell .even I know it is not for  permanent  just to tri and know some thing is out there that can help me and wait  the time I can  get it by my self. I know some one  out there on the web asking people  to buy him  a drug  and send it to him sound silly and very crazy but what shall I do I have know means to get it .

Even  the person  who  can send me could done some thing on it   to  control me  not to resell it .
I know it is cheap, but it has price that price could save me loosing hope .i wait all this years to find some thing and I believe I found some thing with god.
. Thank you.
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Hi Minte,
You can have gas "incontinence," which is covered at that website I gave you.  Here are some "natural" remedies that should help a lot with your gas odor.  You should be able to find most of these things in your country at very little cost.  These will work better than any medication or bottled remedies you could buy.

Drink a sip of apple cider vinegar before meals
Put parsley sprigs and mint leaves on your food
Eat yogurt, preferably with "live cultures"
Eat burned, blackened toast, preferably 100 percent whole wheat
Make a sweet clover tea (sweet clover grows in Africa)

Also, drink plenty of water and stay physically active.  Hope that website helped out a little.  And I think if you do all the above-listed items daily, you should notice a difference within one week.  Keep us posted.
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in one of above posts, you mentioned:
"...SECOND  it start after i have ....a swell on my sphencter on the left side of my anus after aweek it burst and it had a  yellow fluid with  blood "

This was abscess - a collection of pus, which occurs either in chronoc infection or in inflammation of large bowel.

You need:
1. Stool culture test - to find microbes
and possibly
2. Colonoscopy which can show, what actually is with your colon.

If infection wil be found, you'll need antibiotics, and if inflammation will be found, you'll need anti-inflammatory drugs. Remedies will not be enough in either case.
I'm not saying you have infection or inflammation, but, that abscess (even if it is already healed now) speaks strongly for this.

Gas comes from bacteria.
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Hey Boron,
Would his abscess from eight years ago still be creating a bacteria problem?  Maybe I misunderstood Minte.  I told him right up front he needed to visit a doc, to see if he had a medical problem, and he came back with the eight years thing and that he had seen a gastroenterologist.  I don't want to be giving out bad info, if an infection can go on for years.  Also, do probiotics help infections, or are there a raft of bacteria that can only be treated with antibiotics?  Thanks.
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I believe that an abscess occurs only in some serious intestinal disease, like in inflammatory bowel disease - IBD (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis), or in heavy infection. If abscess has gone, this doesn't mean that inflammation in the colon has gone. Abscess is only a complication of an inflammation and it usually resolves by itself, if you treat it or not. So, my suspiction is, that there may be either IBD, or recurrent infection which is often in diverticulosis.

By the time, minte was at GI, there was no abscess. I also assume, colonoscopy was not done; colonic inflammation can not be determined "from the outside".

Bacteria from probiotics don't kill pathogenic bacteria, but they compete with them for nutrients and binding places in intestinal wall. According to some online resources, probiotics were proved to be helpful ONLY in:
1. some bacterial infections due to food poisoning,
2. antibiotic associated diarrhea (e.g. due to C-diff or Candida albicans overgrowth).

From what I've read, probiotics don't help in IBS and in Crohn's disease.

Probiotics are of help only, if they
- contain LIVE cultures of Lactobacillus GG (not sure about L. acidophilus), Bifidobacterium bifidum, or Saccharomices boullardii in SUFFICIENT amount.

I don't want to advertise here, but most (not all) of commercial probiotics (usually yogurts) are not helpful, mostly because they either contain dead bacteria or live bacteria in amount not sufficient to survive travel through the acidic stomach.

It was proved that probiotics have strong PLACEBO effect, meaning that people only think that probiotics helped them. In one trial they gave them an usual meal, looking like probiotic, and...it helped them also (it shortened the diarrhea)...

Probiotics are ment to supplement missing normal bacteria. They are like, let's say, iron, which helps only in iron deficiency and not if you have enough of iron.

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FOUL SMELLING gas is produced in:

- overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, like Clostridium difficile, there is a typical BARNYARD SMELL
- malabsorption; nutrients which are not absorbed in the small intestine, comes in the colon, where bacteria digest them and produce foul smelling gas
- high protein diet (meat, cheese, eggs, beans...)...when bacteria break down proteins, AMMONIUM is produced
- some spices

PASSING gas may be due to sphincter incompetence. Despite doctor said, sphincter is OK, I still doubt in this. Passing gas 10 times in an hour is either due to LOT of gas or sphincter incompetence.

What to do:

1. Have a LOW-PROTEIN diet trial. Exclude as much proteins as you can from the diet for at least 3-4 days, and see if gas will improve or at least the smell will go away.

2. Have a LOW-FAT diet trial. Exclude all fats: meat, all dairy products, egg yolk, olives, oil, and nuts for 3-4 days.

2. Have LOW-FIBER diet trial. No fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals at all for 3-4 days.  

Have one diet trial at the time. This may help in diagnosis.
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thanks giving me this woundefull  ideas i think i should try the diet boron sugest me first
and we will see by starting with rice which i found on the web  grreg  refer me. it is   the only starch   that  donot cause gas. and drink plenty of water i think it is good to start with.
thank you
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And of course I've forgot a LOW-CARB diet trial. Any sugar, sweets, milk (lactse), alcohol, fruits, starch (potatoes, pasta) should be excluded for 3-4 days.

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