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Have you ever had your gallbladder taken out or a hernia or have had my symptoms? In 2002 I started having a bloating feeling that began under my right rib/ab section and generate to my back. Through out  6 yrs I started having new symptoms like acidy stomach  up to 3-5 times a day and belching when eating anything even drinking H2O. Recently these past months I have gotten worst I have had attacks that come and go like feeling bloated, head aches under my eye lids and pains in my right arm/shoulder/ab and have lost about 30 lbs. Just a week ago I started having yellow colored stool, but not diarria just regular shape and lots of gas,  I urinate lots and I am loosing my appitite. I feel like I need to go to the restroom every time I eat somthing and my colon feels loose like I need to poop, but if the bloating begins in my stomach I dont feel that feeling in my colon and vise versa. I'v had blood draws, CT scan, a upper GI, hydest scans and 2 altrasounds and nothing. I also cant get a good night sleep im always tired (  I did fail a hydest scan that was from my gallbladder, but they had me do another one and I past)
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Is this possibly a gallbladder related problem?  I had mine out, I had many of your symptoms for years.  Frequent urination can actually be due to colon instability.  Have you seen a specialist called a Gastroenterologist?  That would be the person to see, in my opinion.  DO YOU HAVE GALLSTONES?  It's very simple ultra sound to find that out.  Do you have nausea?  Does this wake you up at night with back pain?  All gallbladder symptoms.  Do you get this after eating fats?
I also had an umbilical hernia which caused problems such as sharp pain, digestive problems, sweating and shortness of breath--it was incarcerated (stuck in bad position in stomach muscle).  A hernia surgeon can examine you for a hernia.  My regular doctor missed it because he was not examining me correctly.  Some doctors are very negligent.  I had an undiagnosed hernia for at least 4 years due to careless doctors.  A nurse diagnosed me before they finally did.  My hernia surgery was a failure the first time.  That was very disappointing.
Some doctors will tell you that you have acid reflux when in fact you may have gallstones.  Find out if you have stones.  I had shoulder and back pain from stones.
Do you have colitis?  Find out from a gastroenterologist.  DO YOU HAVE IBS?  i was diagnosed with IBS for years.  Since age 20.  I have food allergies.  Do you have food allergies?  If i eat a strict, almost vegetarian diet with flax seed ground up (for fiber) and eliminate sugar, white flour and junk foods and fast food, I feel much better and do not have at least 50% of the problems.  Of course, I had to have my gallbladder out and my hernia fixed first.  I still had problems with digestion after they were taken care of--that's when I went on a clean diet.  What is your age? Are you male or female?  At time of gallbladder and hernia problems, I was in my 40s.  Do digestive problems run in your family?  How about hernias and gallbladder removal?  They all run in my family alot. Hernias and gallbladder removal from age 20 up...lots of history.  Some stomach problems such as IBS also have symptoms such as headaches, it's all part of the syndrome.  People with stomach problems have been found to have headache problems many times, also.   That feeling in your colon...you describe it as ''loose''....that could be IBS also.  Or spastic colon.  With spastic colon, headaches are common.  You could have lots of food allergies.  Gastroenterologist with a modern approach knows about all of these things, some are more informed about the allergies than others.
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Do a search on Celiacs Disease...your symptoms sound like they may fit this.  ALso...Look into taking a good probiotic.  Search "Garden of life products" and find a pill called 'Fungal defense" and "Primal defense."  These pills replace good bacteria into your colon and could help releive your gas/bloated feeling.  They did work for me.
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