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I am having foamy liquid in my moutth ..sometimes projectile usually AM

I had severe shortness of breath...in 2014.. ..my oxygen levels were ok....felt like I was gasping for breath...finally I saw a pulmonologist who said I was overweight and stomach fat was pressing on a hiatal hernia..said to take Tagamet......I have 20 pounds to loose, but I had been 40 pounds heavier 2 years ago with no shortness of breath..or the problem now..which is  of foamy liquid filling my mouth while sleeping..I spit in a rag or sometimes it comes out like I vomited. ....( woman age 65 also) when I bend over, I cough and he said that was a sign of the hernia..the Tagamet does not help much and am about 20 lbs overweight..though when I was heavier, I had no problems like this! Last night I ate a Popsicle 1 hour before lying down and I had most of it come back in my throat as foamy liquid 3 hours later..I have elevated my bed as suggested  but last night I had to try to sleep sitting up....as I was coughing and burping...i am not having burning in esophagus but my stomach hurts..even after I took Tagamet mid sleep....I took ...Omeprazole 20mg this morning after I was active and it might have helped a little but my stomach is still hurting and I am drinking water but this foam in mouth happens if  I eat something an hour before bed or 5 hours before bed..I am a light eater and take meds for sleep but still am awake most of night...any help appreciated!..I am not diabetic but my stomach feels full long after I eat..I know to sit up or walk after eating,,
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