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I am not getting better, what should I do?

Background: 19 yo, Male, 5'7", 118 lbs, Black

Medical History: allergy to dairy/milk proteins

Medications: 40 mg nexium daily for 4 months, gabapentin 300mg daily for two month, fluticasone 2 puffs twice a day for two months

For about 5 months, I've dealt with difficulty swallowing, stomach pain, and chest pain. It was not until two months ago that I diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and possible GERD. Despite the diagnosis, my endoscopy did not show enough eosinophils per high power field for a diagnosis off the biopsy. I was diagnosed more based on the symptoms I was having, and the changes in my esophagus which were very typical for EOE patients (mucosal changes, white specks, furrows). They also saw a 2cm hiatal hernia, and mild gastritis. Since then I have added fluticasone to my medications, along with the nexium I had been taking for a few months, and gabapentin for my stomach pain. In the past few weeks I have also cut out the top 6 food allergens. Despite this, I am not seeing any improvement in my condition. I am also losing weight pretty rapidly since I am not eating much solid foods. My doctors are not that helpful at the moment, telling me I have to wait until my next endoscopy for them to move forward. Does this forum have any ideas on how I can get better, or anything else I can possibly have?
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