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I am tired of being inpain and cannot enjoy life. I need answers

Three years ago I had my gall bladder removed because of disease and stones.  I was good for about a year when  I started having rightside abdomal,chest and right shoulder pain.  It was constant.  I has many trips to the ER , had every test.  I had a narrow bile duct and had an ERCP to open this,  I was pain free for three months..It started all over again. I had 2 more ERCPS , with one year pain free , then 4 months pain free. I have a new doctor now and the horrible pain returned.  
she preformon another ERCP opened the bile duct again and put in a pancreatic stent,,  This was just 10 days ago.The stent did not fall our so in 4 days I have to have it removed.  I know I keep developing scar tissue after these procedures.  They say it may be a cronic condition.  I do not understand if the bile ducts are closed how can you use alternative medicine such as acupuncture to help with the pain   If these ducts are not open what happens to the bile that  is flowing across my organs doesn't if have to go some where.. I am tired of going to ER's, being in the hospital, having procedures that temporarily help and ca n give me pancreatitis and being told you might just have to live with the pain.  I've been doing it for on and off two years. I am very worn down and weary and my life is passing me by because I never feel well enough to do anytrhing.
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Try reading through this: http://www.hopkins-gi.org/GDL_Disease.aspx?SS=&CurrentUDV=31&GDL_DC_ID=320F4EDD-0021-4952-83D7-8B0C67B47BFF&GDL_Disease_ID=7AB086B0-AB01-446E-B011-2E67CAFEF96D

It sounds like you're suffering from SOD. Seek out the Yahoo group that deals with SOD and ask a lot of questions. You need to be working with a doc that understands the condition intimately.
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