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I can't figure out why I smell

Hi, I'm a high school girl and I noticed from the start of this year that people start to cover their noses when they sit next to me.  School started a few weeks ago, and it's gotten worse.  Even my teachers do the same action and it makes me self conscious.  I have pretty good hygiene, but I don't know why I smell. I can't smell it, but I know there is a smell as my friend has pointed out an odd smell when she sat next to me.  I notice that this smell only happens when I sit down, but my parents can't smell it for some reason.  please help me find the source of this odor! I think it may be because I worry about it smelling, which causes it to smell, but obviously it's hard not to think about.
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a) smell (thankfully) no matter how pungent or irritating, is one sense that our bodies adapt to rapidly and learn to completely ignore/forget it (which is probably why you and your parents think nothing of it since you and they are around you a lot)

b) sounds like it's past time to visit a doctor (or the school nurse?) to see if there's something obvious a medical professional can recognize

You've a friend handy who you can enlist to help you, so you could try the basics:  up your pretty good hygiene to very good, and put on fresh clothes (esp. underclothes) and see if that makes a difference to your friend.
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