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I can't stop burping!!

Hi everyone, I am a 17 year old female and for some reason I cannot stop burping. It started back in September randomly when I was sitting on the couch, and since then it hasn't stopped! It usually only happens in the morning and evening, and I just can't stop burping and I have no idea why. I am healthy, I've never had major health issues and I eat a very healthy diet. I do eat junk food once in while, but not every day...maybe once every two weeks.
Does anyone have any idea what could be happening to me?
Thank you!! =D
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Hi, I have the same same symptom of non-stop burping accompanied by "throbbings" that seem like the heart missed a beat. I have been through colonscopy, gastroscopy, angiogram, tests for hormones, "leaky gut" and food allergy. All normal except for slight leaky gut. The throbs and burps can go on 24/7!  I know we have to study what we eat and the effect so we avoid certain foods that would cause more gas. I also recently learnt from a colorectal doctor that I should switch to a low fibre diet so that bowel movement is easier and gas will be reduced. But I am still having the burps and throbs.  Wonder what's wrong?
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i go 2 doc on feb 4  i will let u no how it go's ;-----)
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Glad I'm not the only one with this problem!!!
Yea, I wonder what's wrong too :(
Hopefully we'll both get better soon :)
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Okay, thanks!! :)
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I too have the same problem, for me too it started randomly and am not able to stop it since a week. I met the doctor and she checked and told me i am healthy and this could be due to swollowing of air. So i tried keeping my mouth closed most of time except during eating and necessary talks. i know i use to inhale and exhale with my mouth manytimes. this action of consiously keeping my mouth closed has helped me a lot. U too can try this.
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i have also the same problem,i kept on burfing many times....i have not yet check by a doctor,,,can somebody tells what wrong with me
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I have been burping non-stop for the last 5 days, and have tried everything I could think of even Quick Eze. But nothing has really worked. It is really hard to sit aroung at school and try to just sit there and hold in the continuous burping. Does anyone know of a way to fix this or even relief for it????
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I'd say go to a doctor, I had this pretty bad, and it wouldn't go away for 2 months. Non-stop. It was crazy and not to mention embarrassing when I'm out with people.

Went to a doc, he said that it might either be a gastric problem or just a lot of stress. Gave me some meds, they made the main problem go away.

He said if it didn't, I'd have to have an operation which isn't good. It's from stress and that when it comes back (which it does) I now know what makes it happen. I hate when it comes up but at least I can control it more or less. Before I couldn't do a thing about it.
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Oh, and one more thing. Avoid carbonated beverages, well anything carbonated. Avoid pastries from your bakery, don't know why, but they really make me burp too!
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Please please please tell me which meds!!!
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Hi Everyone,

Just a message for people with excessive burping visiting this forum:
in my case it turned out to be Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth
Syndrome, also called sibo.
I found this after searching the internet for a loooong time and I
hope this post helps people searching for an answer as to why they
keep burping!

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Hi Eveline

how did you treat your sibo. did your burping go away. if so how long did it take?

would you burp in the morning before you had a meal? thanks steve
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Hi Steve,
There are specific antibiotics to treat sibo and I think you can only get them from a gastroenterologist in the hospital. So you would have to ask your GP for a referral. I also ate as little carbohydrates as possible for the two weeks following the antibiotics course, I took Floradix iron supplement (because these bacteria take up all your iron) and codein to suppress the cough reflex that I got when I tried not to burp (and which prevented me from sleeping normally). The combination of these four things seems to have helped! (within a few weeks) I now only burp a few dozen times per evening or less. (Only ever in the evenings!)
I hope this helps.
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Please help, with my burpatosis I need help. I can't stop
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Ranitidine sandoz 300mg 1tab once a day.
Apo metoclopramide 10mg 1tab three times a day when required. Two weeks and I was back to norm.
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