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I have a j-pouch and have had it for 10 yrs.

I frequently have night leakage issues, a very sore and raw butt & have started experiencing extreme nausea and vomiting at night timeor after eating. I take something for my GERD daily. The nausea and vomiting is really bothering me though, as it has just started recently and along with it my appetite has suffered bc im afraid i guess of the consequences of eating. also, i have had for probably 2 -3 yrs now, an extreme case of when i gotta go it literally sends my body into spasms if i have to wait, bc it hurts so bad. thank u
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Thank you for your question.  Have you consulted with your gastroenterologist as of yet regarding these symptoms? That is our first recommendation and to do so soon if you have not already.  These symptoms sound very uncomfortable. Why did you have the J pouch surgery? Did you have ulcerative colitis at that time?  Here is information for our readers on the J pouch. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/j-pouch-surgery/about/pac-20385069.  One thing that can happen after this surgery is immflamation of the area by the pouch.  You would need to be evaluated to see if this is going on.  

Nighttime issues with a J pouch are not uncommon and this is why they recommend to not eat late, to not take anti diarrhea medication at night and to eat binding food at dinner time.  

So, first rule out pouchitis and then go from there to look for another source such as fistula that can be causing these issues.  And please come back and update us.
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