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I have had chronic constipation and use of laxative (once) caused diarrhoea.

I have been taking Codeine for pain for a while now. At first no problems with constipation then I had, literally, 4 bowel movements in the space of about 5-6 weeks. I should add that during this time I was not eating a lot because I had lost my appetite, I'm guessing, because I was so blocked up.
The pain has subsided and codeine is no longer necessary. I took a laxative once before bed on the first day without any Codeine. I woke up and, thank goodness, my bowels were moving again but it was diarrhoea. This continued on throughout the day. Eventually I caved and took some Codeine I had left over because by this point I just needed to sleep. (I wish I had just sucked it up and possibly let it pass instead of interfering)
My real question is - is this diarrhoea a result of my system just needing to clear itself out of all the excess waste or Codeine withdrawl? I'm no longer taking Codeine but have used Pepto-Bismol - purely for  an upset stomach and nausea. I still haven't had a bowel movement and it's been two days since I last took the Codeine.
I'm not sure what to do..
I've been thinking just take a laxative,  no more Pepto-Bismol or Codeine and just ride it out while hydrating myself thoroughly and seeing how it goes.
Does anyone have any advice or experience like this?
Responses much appreciated.
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Ugh.  My honest suggestion is to try not to use a stool softener/laxative.  I'd ride it out.  And if three to four days pass with no BM, do an enema with the hope it clears you out and gets you back on track.  Try drinking a cup of grape juice daily and a probiotic either in pill form or in a smoothie from your dairy aisle.  (we use activa brand). Definitely no more codeine.  good luck
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