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I need answers!!!!

I am 22 years old, and over the last year have had about 5-6 horrific abdominal pains or attacks. I thought that they were just really bad stomach aches, and I usually end up throwing up but it is just bile. These pains last about 4-6 hours and always occur at night. The last attack was so bad I couldn't walk upright. I took Tums and Prilosec, neither helped. I have been to a GI doctor. I am currently taking 40mg of Omeprazole daily. I have had all the blood tests for this problem, all came back perfect. I have had a ultrasound done on my Pancreas, Liver and Gallbladder, which did not show any stones, sludge or thickening of the walls. I was sent for a HIDA scan with CCK injection- result of that.... my gallbladder has an ejection fraction of 33, poor contractibility, and the radiologist had a difficult time finding it during my test.  My GI doctor now wants me to go for an Endoscopy. I don't mind having the tests done, but i'm not getting any answer to why i'm having all these tests done, and if I need to have my gallbladder out. Since the HIDA scan, I have right lower quadrant pain almost constantly, and now have chest pains. I spoke with the GI doctor's nurse/staff member about the chest pain, who completely dismissed the problem and told me to have a cardiac workup done by my family doctor. Is chest pain associated with gallbladder pain? How many more tests do I need to have done to determine what the problem is????  Please somebody help me with my problem. Thank you so much!!!

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I'm only sharing my own experience....your remarks about your bad stomach aches...I've had them for years, and at time would have to takes my clothes off, from sweating, and feeling like I was going to pass out, be sick, you name it, and once I had a BM it would feel better, sometimes would have several bouts of diarrhea...mine was diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome...I had test galore too, and found nothing...this was years ago...I still have stomach problems, and am going in for a colonoscopy hopefully in June. I have a Dr. appointment....and it takes months here to get in to a Dr. and get things done...as of late.  Also at times I would have chest pains with these attacks...from the pressure, I also get heartburn when having a flare up...I'm now taking Hyomax -SR  0.375Mg twice daily, and it has helped a lot...again, keep in mind, I am only sharing my experience, and not suggesting that you have anything like what I have.
I do hope for you, that you get the right answers, soon...I was told here in my town that the reason the Dr. are doing so many test, is to keep from getting sued...I've had so many tests...When you talk to your Dr. take a list of questions with you, to ask..ex. why so many tests, what do you think is causing these symptoms? Just things you want to know....Good luck, my friend....
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It is your gallbladder and it needs to come out. Same thing happened to me. I would get really bad pains that would last sometimes up to 7 hrs straight and it almost felt like I was having a heart attack, it would shoot striaght through my back. I kept going to to hospital and they kept saying everything was fine but I knew it was my gallbladder because my grandmother and mother both had theirs out at a younge age. I was in and out of the er department for over a yr. One morning it hit me so bad i got really nauseated and couldnt take the pain anymore and went to the er and demanded to see a surgeon. I explained to him what i was feeling and how the ultra sounds kept coming back fine and he said he was going to take it out. good thing he did he told me after the surgery that my gall bladder was jammed packed with stones the size of marbles and that nothing could move in or out of my gall bladder any longer. After the surgery the pain left and I never felt better. Sometimes you need to be persistant with the dr.'s keep going back to them until you get what you want
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If I was a betting woman I would bet on Gallbladder. Sometimes the stones are so small and they can hide so well. It sounds like one is lodged in the stem going to the liver. That hurts and does not always show up on the ultra sound. That happened to me and both my daughters. The doctors were baffled until as a last ditch effort we had the gallbladder removed. All the things you describe sounds just like what we had.
Let me know what you find out. I will be thinking of you.
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It's your gallbladder causing referred pain to your chest. It was at this point my sister had to have hers removed, she thought she was having a heart attack. Call your GI doctor and leave a message for HIM to call you regarding this pain moving into your chest.  Take care and keep us posted!
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It does sound like your gall bladder.  33% is borderline, but that's probably the problem.  The pain can be referred to your chest; can also be caused by stress and heartburn.  I seriously doubt you need a cardiac w/u at your age and knowing you're having GB problems.  If you should have chest pain accompanied by nausea/vomiting, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, that's a different story.
Also, since what you vomit is usually bile, that would point to GB.  Pancreatitis can do that, but I'm sure they checked amylase/lipase.  If it were me, I'd hold up on the endoscopy until the GB issue is resolved.  That's a very expensive, not so fun, test with risks, and shouldn't be done unless necessary.
Good luck.
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