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I need help after getting gastroenteritis

Hi, I had norovirus at the end of November which turned into gastroenteritis, nearly 5 weeks later I an still suffering from mostly nausea which is stopping me from eating, I'm very concerned about my weight loss, my doctor has checked bloods bloods pressure etc and all is well. I'm waiting for the results of a stool sample and he has also took blood to check my thyroid because of the weight loss, he tells me it is normal to still have nausea for this long and has advised me to eat small and often and to avoid dairy because of lactose and to keep low fat as the gut can't digest this. I'm bloated all of the time and feel so full after eating very little. Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a light at the end of the tunnel, it feels very dark at the moment.
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That's a long time to have nausea.  Couple of questions, have they run any other tests?  Endoscopy, for example?  I had a duodenal ulcer that had strange symptoms and one of them was some nausea and some burning after I ate. It did not feel like a typical ulcer.  It took several months to diagnose and finally it was an endoscopy that uncovered it. Once they saw it, I was better within 2 days of drinking the chalk like substance they gave me after months of being ill and losing weight.  So, a gastrointestinal doctor would be important to see.  Second, could this be due to anxiety?  I ask this because many do have GI issues with anxiety.
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