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I seem to have developed a sudden intolerance to eggs as a 40 year old, seems weird.

(pardon any spelling mistakes as I am teyping this on my phone)
I am a 40 year old male. I have eaten eggs or products containing eggs my whole life without any issues. In fact, I didn't have any food issues.

I never really was a big eat whole eggs type of person in my life. I'd eat whole eggs maybe 4 or 5 times a month on average. Just after Thanksgiving, I decided to lose weight as I was barely in the obese category (5'11 @ 221 lbs). I didn't jump on a fad. Instead, I did 3 main things. Adopted the CICO plan, stopped drinking regular soda completely, and increased activity. So far, I have lost 20 lbs.

Part of this, instead of waffles, pancakes, burritos etc. for breakfast, I started eating eggs, a few pieces of fruit, and a couple of pieces of low sodium bacon or turkey sausage/bacon, etc. Another dish I made was low fat cheese, roasted potatoes, turkey sausage and eggs whites all mixed up in a bowl.

A few weeks into eating like this, I noticed my stomach started hurting within an hour of eating breakfast. It only happened in the morning. It would feel like a gnawing, slightly burning, slightly pressure type feeling at the bottom of my stomach. It would basically last until I ate lunch. Before I was finished with my lunch, my stomach feelings were gone. It was super weird.

I thought maybe it was because of the fairly significant diet change, so I tried to press through, but never went away for about a month. I wasn't a big fruit eater before this because I do have IBS (but mild form and only happens sporadically) and most fruit did some crazy things to my gut. So I cut out the fruit, but it still happened! I wouldn't have thought it was the eggs at all or bacon or anything else because I have never had issues with those before.

A lightbulb went off and somehow I landed on the eggs, so I didn't eat eggs for a couple days and I didn't have the pain! Still not convinced, I fixed myself a turkey and cheese omlette (2 eggs) and OMG that was a mistake! It seems that the stomach pain increases for longer the more I eat. I haven't eaten whole eggs since and have not had the problem, so it has to be eggs.

This was further confirmed one day when I ate a sandwich that didn't have egg on it but I still got the feeling, though it was much more mild. Then it hit me..there was mayonnaise on the sandwich! (Side note this was a scary notion bc I love mayo and always have). I made the same sandwich the next day but left off the Mayo as a test and no pain. Finally, one evening my wife made some breaded baked chicken and I didn't think anything of it and ate it. Shortly after my stomach hurt in the same way...it is very specific and feels the same way each time. Then I realized..she used an egg wash before the breading.

So, I'm sure it is the eggs Im having a reaction too, but it has been so specific and so sudden. It doesn't appear to be an allergy ad I don't have any of the other symptoms of an allergy (thank goodness). I almost feels similar to trapped gas, but releasimg wind in either direction doesn't relieve it. I don't really feel nauseated, bowel movements are normal, no other symptoms except those very specific GI symptoms that very in intensity depending on how much egg I eat. It only goes away when I eat again and even then it is near immediate.

I do plan on talking with my doc about this when I go for my yearly in a month, but curious if anyone else can relate at all to this. I have heard it is generally rare for an adult to suddenly develop something like this, but seems I may have.

This only happens with egg (strangely enough, I can still eat baked goods with eggs in them at least for now)
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