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I think I may have SIBO or Candida, but don't know for sure. Would love help/advice.

Symptoms started in Oct., 2016 after no change in diet, but a mnth after taking an antibiotic for an unrelated illness, switching from one digestive supplment to another, eating contaminated food at a restaurant, and having a really stressful/emotional year. They include constant passing gas (that usually smells AWFUL), feeling bloated all the time and like there are little gas bubbles popping/creepy crawlies in my lower abdomen, abdominal fullness, and general all-over crappiness. All symptoms are worse after eating - some foods agitate more than others, but all do it in general. I got tested for food allergies (a few positive, but none I didn't know about already), celiacs (came back negative), SIBO breath test (came back negative, but functional Dr. said she'd call it a positive (???)), took a comprehensive stool test (came back with some bacterial overgrowth but negative for the parasites it looked for and negative for Candida), leaky gut test (negative), various blood tests (which showed I'm anemic, have low liver and digestive enzymes, and have gut inflammation). The doc put me on 6 weeks of antimicrobials after doing a couple months of the SIBO bi phasic diet (which helped reduce the look of bloating and a little of the passing gas, but I still felt bloated and gassy all the time). My symptoms got worse on the treatment and never got better. I finished that treatment last week, and am now currently on antibiotics for a root canal/tooth infection I got, which has made my symptoms even worse (adding stomach pain and feverish symptoms to the list).
After research, I think candida may be my bigger culprit (I have extreme fatigue/lethargy, craving sweets, mind fog, depression/anxiety, which are all symptoms of it, and I've taken antibiotics, am on birth control, and have had a history of consuming a lot of carbs and sugar in my lifetime, which are all possible causes) My functional dr. says there's no sure way to test for it, but I'd rather find out exactly what I'm suffering from to treat it directly, rather than doing different treatments and hoping we find one that helps. Would love any feedback/advice from those who have candida or similar symptoms. How'd u test for it? Howd you treat it? Does it sound like I have it? Desperate. Thank you.
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