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I took a very severe pain in my upper back at my right shoulder blade

Could this pain be from my liver since I started a high protein diet 2 weeks ago?
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I strongly recommend you contact your doctor immediately, or even consider a trip to the ER.  I cannot tell if you are male or female by your avatar or name, but if you are female, be aware that back pain can be an indicator of a heart problem.  Please do not delay.  This does not sound right.

Good luck
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Thank you for your advice - managed to get an appointment with my GP and he is sending me for a lung X-Ray (He listened and said I was very wheezy)  Also I have to come off the water tablet Bendroflumethiazide as it may have caused a cramp pain.  I am feeling a lot better now but still feel a bit bruised in that area.  
Meantime he has given me antibiotics.   We shall see on Wed when I get the X-Ray - then I have to go back to GP.  He said to stay on the High Protein Diet if I wished to and he asked me to bring in the book "The new High Protein Diet" by Dr Charles Clark, who is an authority on glaucoma and diabetes, and devised this diet to help prevent diabetes.  -  I wonder if anybody else has tried this diet.

Thanks again for taking time to reply to me.
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I'm so happy you are feeling better.  Good luck on your high protein diet.  I'm one of those unlucky ones who cannot tolerate statins and therefore my triglycerides and total chlosterol are sky high.  Hmmm life should be interesting LOL
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