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IBS-C + intestinal obstructions + Biodfeedback

Hi everyone,
                    I have IBS with severe constipation since a while and no laxative work, even if I take 2 or 3 times the higher dose i'm suppose to. Miralax, Pico-Salax, milk of magnesia, high dose of magnesium, lactulose, dulcolace, colace, exlax...nothing work... when I take a laxative med I feel more bloated and i'm in pain.

My Gastro Doc order a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy tests and both are normal.

The Gastro Doc said that I have poor pelvic muscles, they are too tense and that's why I can't pass stools.

She want me to go see a Physiotherapist and have biodfeedback.

I start having constipation and other problems after an hemorrhoidectomy surgery I had back in 2009. The surgery affect the pelvic and anal muscles so nothing move now.

I had 2 intestinal obstructions and 2 surgeries to repair them because of the constipation and can't eat fiber or fresh fruits or raw vegetables. No food seem to worse my symptoms, it happen with all kind of food... It was 2 major surgeries and stay at the hospital 1 month and had enteral feeding by a jejunostomy tube for 4 months cause I was in a malnutrition state.

For now, I still have bad pain all the time, i'm bloated most of the time, I can't pass gas, I have nausea, can't eat a lot cause I feel bad after and my intestine hurt too much.

The only way to have a bowel movement is to use glycerin suppositories and I need 5 to 8 of them at the same time and use them 3 times a day. Even with that high amount of glycerin suppositories I still feel full inside and bloated and feel like when I pass stool I have more inside me and need to strain for sometimes more than 1 hour...

My stools are not hard, it's even very soft and sometimes liquid, the problem seem to be really a mechanic one related to tense muscles.

So some peoples here had biodfeedback? Is it working for the constipation? Is it worth the price?
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Hi there!

I am not sure if biofeedback would be worth the price but it may be worth giving a try since it may help with relaxation of pelvic flood muscles and relieve chronic constipation. Patient reviews are variable though most people report a benefit.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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