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IBS or Gastritis? Or something else?

I'm only 18 and have so many problems! About 2 months ago now i took strong Ibuprofen tablets for 2 weeks when i was having extreme back pain from IBS. Then i started to get this horrible burning feeling inbetween my navel and breast bone right in the middle, it then progressed into severe Acid Reflux, so i went to the doctors and she put me on these tablets, after 2 weeks it did calm down including the burning feeling. But after a week this burning feeling came back and ever since it's been so on and off it's redicleous, i can have a week or more break from it. But then i started to get pains in my left ribs with it so i went back to the doctors and got told i had Gastritis from the Ibuprofen so i got put on a stronger dose of the previous tablets. It did calm down after about a week, but now i've also got pains and aches under my left ribs and just next to it and also back pain from anywhere to my left upper back just under my shoulder, to my mid-back to my lower back and to the left side. I'm absolutely dumb-founded with all this discomfort.
Also my middle/left upper abdominal area is tender to touch and that specific burning feeling is too when i press it, so yet again i went back to the doctors (last wednesday) and she put it down to my Gastritis still and muscle spasms from my bowels cos i suffer from bouts of constipation, but i can't help wonder if it's really what she's told me it is.
I was scared incase it was my Pancreas but she said i'm too young for something like that, and she felt all the area and said everything felt fine and i have no other signs of it.
I'm just not satisfied and i would of thought by now i would of been sent to get a test or scan or something. My parents are sick of me complaining and running me to the doctors every mouth.
Someone please help me out?
Can Gastritis cause all this random discomfort?
What are the chances of Pancreatic cancer at 18?
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Do you fell constant discomfort in chest at night? If yes, doctor should carefully listen your lungs. It's rare but it can be spontaneous pneumothorax. Or it is all from constipation and bloating - if this is tzhe case, then avoid sugary foods and fibers (sugary fruits, like watermelon, beans and so...)

Pancreatitis may occur at any age, e.g. from a gallstone which blocks pancreatic duct. First investigation is by ultrasound.
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Pancreaitis has no age limit and can attack anyone at anytime. It sounds as though that could be the case. Don't mess around with pains and problems like these. Go to an emergency room and describe your symptoms. Make sure they do a white blood cell count, if it is elevated have an abdominal CT scan done. Ibuprofin however does not cause Gastritis but it does cause ulcers. During your next flare up drink a large glass of cold milk and see if this helps. If it does you more than likely have an ulcer caused by stress and the Ibuprofin. I have a stomach and large intestinal ulcer on top of IBS and it will sometimes cause such symptoms. But make sure to first rule out Pancreaitis. Antibiotics will be the cure in such case if it hasnt progressed to far.
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I've also been getting little sharp pains under my right ribs, not sure what that is.
Maybe my Gall bladder?
Could Pancreatitis cause Gall bladder problems if it's getting worser? Or is it only the other way round from a Gall stone?
Should i go back to the doctors in the week?
Thankyou :)
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Gallstones may cause pancreatitis. A gallstone may leave the gallbladder and lodge on the end of the biliary tree where biliary and pancreatic ducts meet. This blocks the outflow of pancreatic juice and can cause pancreatitis.

Go and arrange an ultrasound of abdomen and basic blood tests for pancreatitis.

Gallbladder pain is like a spasm, often occuring in minutes after a fatty meal. Pain is located below the lowes right rib, about 5 inches from the midline.
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I'm 17 and going thorugh almost the exact same, mucus in stools, pain in upper left region, light headed, I put a post of all my symptoms if you wanna check it out.
I was diagnosed with IBS too, but I'm not taking that load of nonsense. It's just a sydrome used for diagnosis when nothing else it found.
It seems to me you need to go to a different doctor, and get a second opinion because pancreatitis doesn't have an age limit.
I also have acid reflux, and chronic gastritis.
I was diagnosed with pancreatitis by the ER doc, but my GI doc who diagnosed me with IBS says it's unlikely. I'm going to a different doctor, well known in september.
I as well have constipation and am on a pill for bowel spasms.
As far as your parents go, if they don't wanna hear it don't tell 'em.
This is your life, and your body so if you feel that something is incorrect then pursue it because this is how your gonna live unless you find something.
I would suggest finding Gastrointestinal "G.I." specialist, and asking for a colonoscopy and endoscopy if that hasn't been done yet. When you find something, then let your parents ramble on about that:)
Best of luck and wishes, and don't give up. Feel free to message me!
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