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IBS or something else

I am a 46 year-old male, and about 1
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Have you been tested or looked into Celiac Disease?

Blood test and/or endoscopy required...
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Has your stool sample been tested for calprotectin? This is a fairly new test, which if the calprotectin level is high, denotes an inflammatory condition, ie. Crohn's, or Ulcerative Colitis. It does not identify which, but is a precursor for colonoscopy. It is non invasive, and cheap to do. I have had Crohn's for some 38 yrs, and when I have a flare, my gastro does the calprotectin test before deciding whether to up my my meds (methotrexate) or do a colonoscopy. Hope you get the problem sorted out soon.
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This forum is not the place to look for solid medical advice, since it is a patient-to-patient forum.  Researching on your own is a good thing, but relying on the opinions of lay-people is not a good idea.  If you don't agree with what your current doctors are telling you, then you must seek second, or even third, opinons.  
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Jaybay is right.  If your doc just sent you out the door with your symptoms, you need to go see another doctor immediately.  If you were seen in the ER, make an appointment with your family doc today as an emergency squeeze-in.  Or if you were seen by your family doc, you can see an internist without referral, just be sure to tell them your symptoms so they will see you quickly.  Are you scheduled for a colonoscopy or CAT scan or ultrasound?  Blood in the stool can be caused by something as minor as hemrhoids, all the way up to a tumor.  What did your doctor say?  I always say if you're bleeding, that ain't normal.  My husband had some of your symptoms, he was 40 years old, and they put him in the hospital within two weeks and he was operated on.  He is a 20-year cancer survivor.  
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AMA17, lizziecee, Jaybay, and ggreg;

Thank you all for your input.

The things that I have mentioned in my original post are the extent of what 4
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I am totally outraged at your physician's attitude.

Depending on your situation, I have some suggestions.  Request or ask someone to take you to one of the Urgent Care Centers.  Then Urgent Care can transport you to the main area hospital.  Another alternative is to get to St. Vincent's free clinic.  Or if you ever served in the military, a VA hospital can take care of this entire thing.  Also, there is bound to be someone on your block who has worked in a hospital before or has had similar medical obstacles, so ask around for ways to handle this.  Politely speak to everyone you know who is in authority.  If it comes down to showing blood in the toilet to someone, do so.  You can even speak to a lawyer or a minister.  This whole business about waiting around possibly six months to be seen by a gastro guy is reprehensible.  It doesn't take a specialist to know what is wrong here.  You need to be in a hospital.  And you don't need pain medicine; you need an operation!

If all else fails, contact Dr. Phil by way of his website.  Be straight up with him.  He is a Texan and he knows what's what and he has immense power.  He is The Man.    

The medical individual you are working with should be removed from their position and put on bedpan duty.  Any patient that comes in with blood streaming out of their rear and pain in the groin, not to mention anemia, should set off all sorts of red alarms that say "Colon Cancer, Colon Cancer."  Even a NURSE would know this.  I did not want to say outright what you've got, not wanting to scare you needlessly.  But I can't let you go without putting up a fight.

God bless you and be with you.  Visualize what you want in the way of help, keep that positive image at the front of your thoughts, and pray.  
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I am a friend of Alex448568, my name is Brenda and I would like to speak with you privately if that is possible.

you may contact me at ***@****

Thank you
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I sent you an email several days ago, but I did not hear back.  I am not well myself and need to let this thing go.  I'll check my emails and this website for a couple more days, but then I have to back off for now.  Just get Alex to the hospital next time he has symptoms and things will work out.  Or post again and ask for help from Jaybay.

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Hi Brenda.  I just emailed you.  
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I am so very sorry, but I did not get your email. I am also sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Please know that you are in my prayers.

I have been in contact with Jaybay.

I want to thank you all for your input into this situation. And ask for your prayers for Alex.

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