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IBS or something more serious?

Im a fairly healthy 46yr old man who does not smoke but probably drinks a little more than I should. No family history of bowel cancer.

My bowel issues started in 2018 ...... loose stool and blood, and emergency toilet breaks after food. I was sent for a colonoscopy and it was all clear apart from hemorrhoid's. The Dr put this down to IBS or Gastrocolic reflex.

Over the last 4 months I have had continuous loose stools, usually 1-2 hrs after consuming food. I have also had a bloated stomach and wind from both ends. Occasional stomach cramps which generally eases after passing a stool. I understand these do sound like IBS symptoms but to be constant for 4 months does not seem normal?

My Dr has performed all blood tests and stool tests which have all been negative, she finally referred me to specialist, however the wait is around 6 months as she does not class this as a priority.

I also has a CT scan in February 2020 last year for my abdomen and pelvis, reassuringly it showed no issues with both bowels etc.

It would be nice to hear from someone who may have experienced the same issues for a prolonged period of time.
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Sounds like malabsorption
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Hi there, I had the exact same issues and after a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy along
with thyroid test, and breath test for bacteria and lactose intolerance my gastro doc started
me on VSL3 which is a super probiotic that needs to stay refrigerated and it has stopped almost
all of my gastro issues. Check it out here - https://vsl3.com/ibs/index.html
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It most definitely sounds like Ibs!! Which is sort of a good thing? It isn’t “normal” to last this long no but also there is not anything “normal” or consistent about ibs!! My question would be more on what foods you’re eating! The types of food we eat make a HUGE difference!!! For me; cutting out dairy made a WORLD of difference I felt like a new person totally!!! I just use a plain; us-almond milk in place of milk && skip any cheeses.. but I still have yogurt time to time but in small Ammounts. Track your macro nutrients; make sure that you’re getting the right BALANCE of protein to carbohydrates & lower your sugar intake! Sugar can affect your immune &digestive system in so many negative ways! There’s a lot of good documentaries on Prime! Make sure there’s as few “ingredients” in the package foods you eat as possible or just eat as much fresh veggies or fruit &meat you cook at home; in place of pre-prepared pre-packaged meals &snacks; as you can! Less ingredients; the less you have to worry about how it will go through you!! Make sure that you’re eating whole grain whatever “white stuff” that you Norma eat! (Breads crackers cesareans pastas) I find that certain grains bother me more than others! Sprouted grain breads digest more easily & provide a lot more “energy” metabolism for your body to run on! But I have to stick to mostly veggies and fresh or “raw” foods that I cook at home.. think more like how we’re meant to eat !! You will feel a lot better! It doesn’t make it go away but it will hopefully help your symptoms ease up && I really do hope this helps! Once I got my diet under control and if I stay up on my vitamins; it makes me feel like a world different!! && I have more energy strength & motivation to take care of my life && my chores & check the boxes off the list!! Take care!
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But I should add the YES absolutely bring it up with the doctor which you are doing that! Just go through all that you’re experiencing with the GI once you get there! It is also helpful to try & keep track in a journal of your daily “habits”.. I know it sounds not fun but it will help the doctor && especially you to identify any patterns in your bathroom behavior if you will;; but they will ask you to do this anyway! You may ever realize yourself patterns in lifestyle /eating behaviors to bathroom;; but also listen & pay attention to the rest of your body! Make note of any headaches; other aches or pains && stress along with the other! Trust me when I say it is most definitely all related to each other!!! I hope this helps && I hope you’re getting your issues taken care of && find some relief!
Also it’s meant to say *breads crackers & CEREALS! * not cesareans?? I should have over looked my typing! Ha!
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