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I'm not itchy but I still think I have pinworms / threadworms.

I'm not itchy down there, at least not a lot and not often. But I still see some white strings in my stool, and they even seem to be wiggling because of the water flow in the toilet, or at least I hope it's the water. Could they be some sort of food or something? I'm so scared of these things.
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It could be food or parasites. Wal Mart carries an over the counter too rid pin worms. If you have family/ friend/ nurse etc you trust have them exam your rectal area at night with a flash light that is  when they squirm out. it could also be tape worms. once i had spaghetti squash for dinner and it was that, another time it was pin worm and i   used the over the counter with lots of warm water and later still saw my medical provider sometimes its not strong enough in the over the counter formula but its good if you catch it early on.  
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