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I'm suspicious....

i'm suspicious about this...

...worsening of gastritis/gerd for past year...

but also with middle to upper back pains...very achy...it lingers for days to weeks until stomach issues settle...

this keeps happening together around same time...

this is new 4 me...& i never known gi issues to cause back pain...

should i see a GI? i dont have insurance so I'll go only if it sounds serious...
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Any updates? It is important that you get evaluated by a doctor. If no insurance, consider free clinics in the area.
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This symptom checker from familydoctor.org can help narrow down possible causes:

However, you still need to see a doctor, sooner rather than later.
Accurate diagnosis will likely require labs and/or imaging tests.
For example, your doctor can check lipase to rule out pancreatitis.
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Ok thnx 4 the link...ill check it out
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Pancreatitis can, indeed, cause back pain: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pancreatitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20360227

Please return to your doctor sooner rather than later to discuss your new onset back pain.
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Thnx 4 ur input...i cant understand why i would get pancreas issues when i dont drink....i also dont have rest of pancreatic symptoms listed...except for i had a stool that looked kind of shiny.. there was shiny film on surface of water...looked oily...happened twice but i could be wrong...i dont know what oily stool look like anyways....
The most common causes of pancreatitis are gallstones and heavy alcohol use. Other less common causes include medications, metabolic disorders (hypertriglyceridemia and/or hypercalcemia), infection, trauma, surgery/procedures (ERCP), autoimmune disorders, and anatomic variants (pancreas divisum). Sometimes, a cause for pancreatitis is never found.
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Yes, you should see a gastroenterologist for further workout and management. You might have H. pylori infection, pancreatitis, or something else.
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hi thnx 4 ur input...im already diagnosed h. pylori & it caused my gastritis since 2011....but i been treated...

now im suspicious about this new back pain...cuz it happens when my GI issues go crazy....

when do GI problems give back pain?.

i've never heard of this..

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