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Imitrex and ischemic colitis

Just diagnosed with ischemic colitis-Dr suggested a link between imitrex and this . Anyone have any info on this subject.
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I spent 4 days in the hospital back on April 14th.  after many tests & a final colonoscopy it was confirmed that the combination of my zyrtec D & imitrex caused my ischemic colitis.  So now I'm on a mission to find something else for my migraines.  I'm now starting on Topomax a preventative med.  Which I'm hoping will do the trick, but it will take 2 to 3 months to see if it does.  If you want do discuss email me back.
Good luck.
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Dear ladydianeb;
I also spent 4 days in the hosptial at the end of March.  A sigmoidoscopy found ischemic colitis.  I still have cramping.  My doctor (who was not the Hospital Dr.) did a colonoscopy in February.  Now he is having me do another CAT scan after the one done in the ER.  He is possibly thinking it could be the Topomax.  I have been on this medication for at least 3 years.
Good luck to all in your search!
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