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In denial of pancreatitis

Does anyone eles find themselves "testing" themselves with different kinds of foods as if they dont believe they have pancreatitis?
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I'm sure there are a lot of people who do similar things, but please don't do that to yourself. The pancreas is not an organ to 'test.' It's a vital organ, and it's doesn't have regenerative capabilities. It controls the production of enzymes for the majority of foods that you eat, and it controls the production of insulin to regulate the glucose you take in. If the pancreas is highly damaged, it could ruin your quality of life for the rest of your life. So please try to be gentle with it and do everything you can to quash the pancreatitis.
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Thank you for the advise. You are right of course and it is pretty foolish of me to do this.
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I read your other post and noticed your mention of alcohol. Were you drinking in what might be called excess? When they did the tests on your gallbladder, was sludge noted? Have you been tested for an autoimmune component that could be the cause of your pancreatitis? Before the pancreatitis started, did you have changes in bowel habits, stomach-related issues or upper right quadrant pain that could be attributed to gallbladder issues?
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Yes, I was drinking in excess for many years. I stopped drinking completely after my first attack of acute pancreatitis. Sludge was noted on the ultrasound. No real changes in bowel habits and I did have pain in that area, but the Dr. said my gallbladder seemed fine.
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Jmess, your mention of sludge brings up a thought. Many people who have 'just' sludge, but not outright stones can find that they get symptoms of gallbladder pain and discomfort and end up having their GBs removed only to find themselves with continuing problems, unfortuantely. Those problems can be pain similar to what they had when they had that organ, or they can end up with pancreatitis.

Part of the problem seems to be that bilts of sludge can 'escape' during the surgery into the common bile duct and irritate either the CBD duct itself, or they migrate to the sphincter of Oddi and irritate that. The result can be spasms that result in pain much like that when the GB was present - just the spasms can mimic GB issues. The other problem can be pancreatitis because of the backup of the bile and pancreatic juices/enzymes.

So I'm wondering if the presence of sludge could be contributing to your problem............

But a another problem is that people can apparently continue to form small sludge particles in the common bile duct even after a GB is removed (something to do with the flow patterns in that tube), so it means that even after a GB is removed it may not completely correct the problem, unfortunately.

Sorry for the 'either/or' thoughts........................but I wanted you to have the information just it case it might be worth taking to your doc about it.
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Merry Christmas CalGal, Thankyou for all the information and advice you have given me. I will ask my Dr. about that.
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