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In hospital now- help!

My daughter has cerebral palsy and uses a power wheelchair, though her physical abilities are very limited, she lives on her own  with help. She called me weds afternoon saying she was having terrible stomach pains and bloating, we went to ER.  They did a cat with very little contrast ( my daughter couldn't tolerate it, vomited it up the little she got down) and due to previous spinal surgery and metal rods, the picture want the greatest.  They also took X-rays.  Ended up forcefully vomiting a huge amount.  Fast forward 4 days--same amount of bloating, same amount of pain.  Had another X-ray that showed illeus- now iv stopped, no food, no pain meds.....in the am dr came and said he doesn't see an illeus....she has ibs..... She can eat, he gave her colon antispasmodic meds....another dr came in....she shouldn't be eating, meantime she needed oxygen once due to her bloating,  help.  Any ideas?
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Hi, is her abdomen tender? is she able to pass stools/ flatus? If she is able to pass then it may not be paralytic ileus. Repeated vomiting and pain could indicate an intestinal obstruction. But with this she may not be able to pass stools or flatus. Her symptoms could sometimes be due to other conditions like pancreatitis, cholecystitis or even renal colic. Blood tests combined with imaging studies should help to diagnose the cause for her symptoms. Good luck with her therapy. Regards.
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