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Inflammatory Bowel, cdiff and anorexia in past?


I'm hoping you can help me. I have a strong family history of inflammatory bowel disease on my paternal side of the family. I have a history of severe anorexia nervosa including laxative abuse for several years in my teens. Thankfully, I have been recovered for over 10 years and when feeling well physically, I eat pretty well. Though I suppose we all could eat a little healthier. The problem is for the past 6 years I have not been well physically. I was diagnosed at one point with severe gastroparesis and required both NJ and TPN feeding. I did well after the TPN but unfortunately contracted cdiff. The first two times I had it, I recovered surprisingly well. The third time I didn't get diagnosed right away and got so sick I was hospitalized 5 times. I had metabolic acidosis and even when the cdiff went away, the persistent diarrhea continued. I have not been the same since snd that was nine months ago. I require daily antiemetics, bicarbonate and potassium supplements and need to eat a lot of salt. These past few months have been stressful and I have become quite ill again with episodes of such severe diarrhea and protracted vomiting that I require IV fluids and sometimes, despite diligent supplementation, my potassium and bicarb tank. My current cdiff, stool cultures and ova and parasites are all negative. Because of my strong family history and symptoms, my doctors are suspecting inflammatory bowel disease. This is scary to me because I have lost family members to colon cancer. Also, I'm afraid the years of anorexia in my past along with past laxative abuse has done this my body. Is that a possibility? Can that trigger inflammatory bowel disease? My past colonoscopies have showed some ulceratiations bit was told it wasn't serious. I was also a sexual abuse victim as a child and teen and have heard there is a correlation between that and long term chronic illness. My doctors are very nice and take good care of me, but I don't know if I can live with myself if things in my past could be causing me to feel so crummy now. These are all embarrassing and sensitive issues for me so please be honest but gentle. Thank you in advance for your response.
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