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Intermittent Upper Abdominal Pain and Pale Stools

I'm 37 years old, non smoker/drinker and I have had intermittent upper abdominal pain (left and right side) tenderness in the diaphragm area and left side flank pain for about two weeks.  My appetite is fine though I recently changed my eating habits to lose weight.  The last three or four days my stool has become very pale yellow and brown and is not formed but clumped.  I have no fevers or any other discomfort.  I'm concerned this could be pancreas related?  I had a complete metabolic panel work up last week and my liver functions are normal.  The only elevated levels were my glucose (104) my LDL cholesterol (126) .  All other numbers (except TSH .020) we're spot on.  I am taking Methimazole, Omeprazole, Fluoxetine and Xanax currently.  I'm taking the Methimazole due to Graves Disease diagnosis.  I'm very worried about my pancreas.  Would my liver function tests be "off" if I were having a potential issue with my pancreas?  
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No liver wouldnt always be off. I think I have pancreas issues but my lipase is always up some. Did they draw your lipase? Could be a number of things. Gallbladder? Whats your pain feel like?
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Hey there, wondering how you are and if you will check back on this message board....
I had the same thing on November 19th 2013 and literally thought the ER was going to come back and tell me my pancreas or liver was shot. they did ct scan and blood work and everything 'showed' normal.  they recommended I see a GI doc so I did and he did an endoscopy, came back completely normal.  I had nausea as well as loss of appetite with my upper ab pain (both left right, and settled in the middle sometimes),  I Finally started getting my appetite back but I am left with, now 2 months later, still the pain.  It almost feels like I have and inflame diaphragm or maybe my lymph node are inflamed there...but I also experience some shooting pains periodically on either side at different times.  They are sharp stabbing fast pains, but the other pain (which feels like someone punched me in both sides has stayed almost 24/7, with MAYBE a few minutes break here or there.  I also considered maybe I have some kind of hernia b/c it does sort of feel like my inguinal hernia did many many years ago  Anyway, I can say 2 months ago when this started I had been limited on where I could eat/cook so I started to drink kefir and found myself drinking a bunch of it almost like meal replacement...not intended just sorta happened with my living situation  So was under a good deal of stress to which has lightened a little.  But I am stuck with an ongoing ill feeling and upper ab pain like someone socked me.  I spoke with a client of mine who said her husband went through the very same thing during the same week I did  and he too had not been able to completely get back to normal yet.  I am 49 years old and my clients husband around 60.  So our ages are not in common but it would be sort of curious to compare diets.  I was trying to increase my protein to promote muscle (at my age you start losing muscle and I've always had a pretty good bit and really don't want to lose it), so I got a hold of some "organic" beef patties and used my dad's kitchen to cook in so considered I may have undercooked my beef patty.  I have since given up organic beef and Kefir but just can't shake the somewhat ill feeling with the upper ab pain.  Going to women's doc on Friday to make sure ovaries and junk are alright.  But am stressed over knowing something is still not right and docs not finding what.  Just wanted to share.  Hope you are getting better!
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Where exactly is this pain? I have left stsbbibg about an inch below left breast. Likely my pancreas and in most cases pancreas disease doesn't show on scans -eus is best but even that misses it
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