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Intermittent left flank pain/sob/indigestion

Hello, for the last year or so I have been experiencing an intermittent dull left flank ache.  It has been low grade and intermittent, but the location and characteristic of the ache has not changed until recently.  It's a bit more pronounced than it has been.  I haven't been able to discern a pattern to when it comes and when it goes.

Approx 2 months ago I noticed some vague sob w/activities such as walking up stairs/making the bed and the like.  I'm in pretty good shape.  I exercise regularly (4-5 days a week of 60 minutes of cardio) and have never smoked and am not over weight.  

Approx 3 wks ago, I started to have profound indigestion with eating, and, as of late, I have noted a profound fullness even upon waking.

The left flank ache has become more pronounced in the last few days.

I have visited a doctor who is focusing on the sob and the indigestion- sending me for a stress test and a GI consult.  When I mentioned my concern over the flank ache, she said that my symptoms are fairly diverse and she doesn't want to go chasing many things.

Approx 1 year ago, I had a bout of similar indigestion and mentioned to the APRN the left flank ache at the time.  An abdominal ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound were essentially negative and showed follicular cysts in the ovaries of various sizes only (none the size that should cause an ache such as this).  I was started on Aciphex which worked wonders, but the left flank ache was never really addressed after that.  I never thought it a real concern since the ache was intermittent and very low grade.

Recent blood work and urine were negative except for small amounts of ketones in my urine (I eat carbohydrates).

Though the sob and the indigestion are concerning, I am focusing on the left flank ache moreso ... thinking that this ache could be the worrisome culprit of the sob and indigestion.

Any thoughts and direction would be helpful.  Thank you.
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Just wondering if you ever found out what your problem was..would love to know..and hopefully it was resolved.
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No, and I'm in the midst of the same indigestion again.  Also have that left flank/back ache that is just more pronounced and odder than ever.  I'm now  horribly constipated- which has never been an issue with me. My doc ordered an endoscopy last Dec which was negative and a KUB this April which was negative as well.  At the moment, I just don't feel well.  So, I plan on calling the MD tomorrow to see if we can be a little more aggressive w/GI diagnostics.  I feel ridiculous, but need to just call.  A broken arm would be so much easier to deal with ... there'd be no question what was wrong.  And it would be less worrisome.
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