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Intestinal Motility

My father is a 67-year-old man who suffered several weeks of abdominal pain, nausea, and lack of bowel movements. Upper gastrointestinal CT scan and passage series revealed evidence of severe intestinal hypomotility. A thorough evaluation for the cause of the patients ileus and abdominal pain was unrevealing, and symptomatic treatment was ineffective. Over the course of 3 weeks abdominal pain and distention worsened, requiring an urgent subtotal colectomy. The pathology report on the excised part of the colon revealed no cause for the lack of motility. No tumors or blockages can be found to account for his illness. It is now 40 days post-operation and motility has still not returned. We are looking for a medical facility that might be able to offer a diagnosis or treatment. We have sent his records to Mayo clinic and Baylor. So far, no one offers a treatment plan.
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