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Intestinal fungus infection, is there such thing?

I've been having some tummy issues lately.

It started Dec 2010 in Bolivia, suddenly felt nauseous, vomited. Had low grade fever and all over muscle pain, fatigue. No diarrhea. I was treated with 10 days of Cipro. For months I couldn't drink alcohol without vomiting, and had pain and bloating after eating anything oily or too greasy. I also had urgent urges to pee during the day.

In August 2011 I had a UTI, treated with antibiotics. In Septmeber I got another kind of infection and took one antibiotic (prescibed for 7 days) for 3 days but was not able to tolerate it, so I switched to another antibiotic (one dosage) and vomited shortly afterwards, so I had to take it a third time (one dosage). I continued to have symptoms so I was prescribe another 2 weeks of anti-biotics "just in case". This would have been early november.

Dec 28th 2011, bloating and pain in my abdomen, very nauseous, vomiting, I go to the ER. They investigate for appendicitis but U/S and CT scan are clear (just some free fluid and my ovarian cyst). High WBC too. Pain all over my abdomen, mostly concentrated around my belly button but moving and changing except for one spot (which is where the Bolivian doctor had said I had an infection), pain in abdominal muscles, especially with a full bladder. Dec 30th, I'm diagnosed with a "virus" due to sensistive intestines from my illness in Bolivia, and told to avoid oil and alcohol. I have one bout of diarrhea and back to normal again. Then a hemarrhoid (though it didn't hurt, nor itch, and I hadn't been straining or aything...)  

I still feel ill after I eat. I feel especially bad when I have simple carbs and sugar, but it seems anything I eat 30-60 minutes kater I feel like crap. A lot of general "not feeling well", like I taste something funny in my mouth. My tongue was feeling numb for a while but I thought it was just in my head. On friday my tongue turned bright orange!!! I'm hygenic I brush my teeth often, I don't eat anything artifically coloured, the only thing orange i've been eating are carrots, now I have a inner-cheek sore and my tongue is discoloured (today, monday, its turning pale yellow).

Could this all be a fungus from taking too many anti-biotics? Is that a real scientific possibility? Intestinal fungus???

I also have low bloop pressure (90/55), fatigue, anxiety, and I get pretty strong salt cravings, especially lately, and my blood work showed high potassium levels. Could Addison's be a possibility?

I'm sick of being sick, I want to feel better :(
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Have you ever been checked for H. Pylori?  It is an infection, bad bacteria in your stomach.  It can be diagnosed by a gastroenterologist doing an ERCP.
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