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Irregula Bowel Movements

Just under a month ago I moved to Florida from Indiana. Ever since I have moved, my stomach has been acting differently. To start off, I have social anxiety, in which I was taking a Wellbutrin XL knock off called Burproprion XL. I had very irregular bowel movements while on the medicine. I went from having a movement 2-3 times a day to 4-5 times a week. This helped with my anxiousness a little bit, but made my stomach hurt every day. Because my stomach was always in a knot, I would take Imodium almost daily. It would almost constipate me so I was assured I wouldn't have to run off while I was at work.

Since I moved to Florida, I have weened off of Buproprion and haven't taken it in a week in a half or so. My movements became more regular finally. But I have now started noticing they are a lot more loose, and smell completely different, and even have more of a different shade of color than usual. A couple times a week when I have looser stool I will take a couple Imodium so I can sleep assured at night.

I am now starting to wonder, since the first regular/loose stool I had in Florida and I took Imodium, is it constipating me, causing a build up inside. And as a result, I am having more frequent loose stools, that also team to have much more fecal matter in them. I am curious if the Imodium is the case, or if it is food or "something in the water." Any help will be fantastic. I would just to be "my normal" once again.

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Also I should add that my stomach has been making more growling noises that are leading up to the bowel movements. Not as in I'm hungry, but something else. Sorry If I have put a bad image in your head.
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