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Is chest pain and weakness post ERCP normal?

I had started having gallbladder attacks in May of last year, causing pain from eating anything, greasy and unhealthy or not. I also suffer from EDS (Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3) and have been putting up with hip dislocations multiple times a day, making this pain unbearable when mixing the attacks in. It took until this last May (two months ago) for my doctor to finally send me in to get my gallbladder removed laparoscopically. On May 3rd they completed the procedure, with a catch. The surgeon told my parents he 'might have knicked my common bile duct' during the procedure, but was 99.9% sure he didn't. He also noted that when injecting dye post op to check it flow through the ducts, it wouldn't enter my liver, even when tipping the table up all the way. Well, by this last Saturday (1 week ago), I was yellow with bright yellow eyes, itchy, weak, lightheaded, and in extreme abdominal pain. Upon further scans (ct) and an ERCP with stent placement, they found he had fully severed my bile duct and not fixed it or told us to seek further help. My duct had collapsed on itself and blocked off my liver. They placed a stent and told us I would need to come back in 2 weeks for them to place in a larger stent to dilate the duct, and may need to do it multiple times overall to attempt to fix it. It has been 5 days since stent placement and the majority of my abdominal pain is gone. However, I continue having chest pain that is worse than any gallbladder attack I've had. It's causing me to not be able to take full breaths and making any position I try painful. I also continue to suffer from weakness and lightheadedness that was never eliminated in the first place. I just turned 18 at the end of May and have been trying to decide whether this is worth going back into the emergency room for or if I should try to hold out and wait until my appointment with my normal doctor that is this Tuesday. Both of my parents believe waiting it out is best. But having already gone through all but one of the ten 5mg oxycodone they sent me home with, saying not to take any other pain medication until I speak with a liver specialist to be sure there's no permanent liver damage. I just need a second voices advice for what to do here.
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