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Is entamoeba coli cyst also known as amoebiasis?

Hello everyone! I have been having watery stool for 3 days now more than 15x a day. It started with normal stool color then turned green/brown on the 2nd day. I have no pain or cramps but feel extremely hungry sometimes nauseas and having a bad reflux in my throat area. So i decided to have a fecal analysis.

The result was white blood cell present at 3-5hpf in value and a parasite called entamoeba coli cyst. When i talked to the GP she said i had amoebiasis and pute under antibiotic called flagyl. I just had my gallbladder removed a month ago btw. When i googled the entamoeba coli its different from entamoeba hystolitica which is the one called amoebiasis. Im kinda lost suddenly which ia which now
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Gosh, parasites.  Ugh.  Had one myself along with my husband and son after a trip to a farm and eating fruit washed from the tap which was contaminated.  I lost a lot of weight!  I feel for you.

So, from my reading, Amoebiasis is a heading for all parasites/organisms found to cause infection from  any of the amobae of the Entamoeba group.  So this includes entamoeba coli (you ARE talking about the parasite and not bacterium, correct?).  Here is some information about it https://www.emedicinehealth.com/amebiasis_entamoeba_histolytica_infection/article_em.htm.  

The main thing you need to ask your doctor is if treatment the same regardless of the amobae? I assume it is.  I have read though that patients are often treated with a first antibiotic and then a second for full treatment and with your symptoms, would think this is the case for you.  So, do follow up with your doctor.  Also, it is really important that you figure out the source of where you got this if you can.  We knew.  Why?  Well, unfortunately about 70 other people at the family reunion also got the parasite.  My son had a different parasite and the health department actually decided the source was feeding ducks at a pond in a park where others had gotten the parasite (duck poop on things on the shore he had likely touched).  Yours may be more water related---  if you haven't drank unsafe water, think in terms of like us, fruit washed in unsafe water, ice cubes, salad washed in unsafe water, etc.  But this is also contagious so be vigilant with your hand washing after going to the bathroom.  I'm sure you are.  

good luck and let us know what your doctor says!
Thanks for answering specialmom! Yeah i planned to go to a gastro today but sadly she had to attend to a conference so i have to wait for another day or 2. I decided to take Flagyl last night which is 3x a day. So i had 2 doses as of now. I had less run-in to the toilet compared from the 1st 3 days. Im not sure if its because of flagyl which is antibiotic. But stool is still watery and very green. The new problem im having is  starting to feel weak on both my arms. Not weak like i cant lift it coz i can still drive. Im not sure if its because im starting to get dehydrated now or i starting to have anxiety. Prolly i have to up my electrolyte in-take and see if it works. I just have to wait for another day to see a gastro. Anyway, thanks for the time specialmom.  
I would guess it is anxiety and dehydration.  I am really thinking that the medication you are taking now and then perhaps a second one after will knock it out.  Keep  hydrated.  That's always important when we have issues with our bowel movements.  Hopefully you can finally put this to rest!  Come back and let me know what your doctor says when you speak to or see them. (know it is hard waiting!)!!
Hi again specialmom! Just updating you about my trip to the gastro. He said the amoebaisis i had is the weaker one and not the e. Hystolica. And treating it with flagyl 3x a day for a week is enough. Im on my 5th day now. The watery diarrhea went rightaway on my day one of medication. So i havent encountered the metallic taste as the doctor as side effect. Altho the med is really making my anxiety kick more along with depression. But im ok overall. Ive had history of anxiety and depression and i know how to cope with it. Just 2 more days anyway and i can flush flagyl out of my system. Anyway thank you so much. Btw, good thing looks like im the only who got the amoebiasis at home. Thanks again specialmom!
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