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Is it a pulled muscle?

About a month ago I was on my wifes Ab Lounge (for the first time ever) and I did 50 crunches at one time.

My lower left abdomen hurt for about 4 days and then it eased up, but still nagged me a little.

After about 3 weeks my far left side, right above the hip bone stared hurting and my lower left back starting hurting.

I went to the hospital twice and they did 2 CAT scans. ONe to look for Kidney Stones the first time and One with dye, the second time I went to look at everything.

The doc came back and daid everything looked fine (CAT, Blood work and Urine)

He said it was just the muscles. Right now my whole left side just feels heavy. Doesn't really hurt any more.

Is this what a pulled abdominal muscle is supposed to feel like?

Is it healing?

I'm just really confused because this just will not go away.

For the record.

No fever, nausea or vomitting.

I do have some diarreah . I think from the medice he gave me
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