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Is it safe for me to continue taking my Omeprazole?

I was recently hospitalized for intense stomach cramping, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. I have had issues with heartburn for years now, and it turns out that I have an excess amount of acid in my stomach and that my stomach is inflamed. I was prescribed 40mg Omeprazole, but bought the 20mg Omeprazole over the counter and have been taking 2 each morning instead. It ha been 3 days (and three doses) and I have had EXTREME severe diarrhea. My stomach is nonstop gurgling, I can't keep anything down, and I am constantly in and out of the bathroom even throughout the night. The gurgling is so intense it wakes me up from sleep. I did some research online and read that Omeprazole can cause Hepatitis and liver issues. This concerns me greatly because I already have Hepatitis C and a swollen liver. Should I stop taking Omeprazole? Please help. Thank you.
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If it was me I would stop taking it in try a liver cleanse there are different kinds you can do and also wormwood herbal supplement is wonderful for a lot of stuff
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