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Is liver hemangioma related to melatonin usage

I've read various pieces of research that liver hemangioma maybe stimulated by estrogen, and that melatonin can be used to control estrogen.

I'm a 35 yr old male who has recently been diagnosed with a liver hemangioma (1.4x1.7 cm). Since liver hemangioma and melatonin seems to have some relationship I'm wondering if it is safe for me to use melatonin to aid my sleep?

Thank you very much for your advice.
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Hi there!

Melatonin may be related to ‘reduced’ estrogen levels and estrogen receptor blockade thus resulting in ‘lower’ estrogenic effects and is not expected to have adverse effects on the haemangioma.
Hope the information is helpful.

Take care!
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Many thanks for your advice. I'm very grateful for your reply.
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