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Is oatmeal safe for gastritits?

A month ago I had an endoscopy and the doctor diagnosed me with a light gastritits. I have been taking medication since then and it gets better already. But due to the disease my body weight drops 3 kg, now it's 52 kg (I am 172 cm tall). In short, I want to gain. However I cannot have lactose and/or too many fat oil, due to the gastritits but I noticed that oatmeal can be a perfect match for my current condition, especially for breakfast. So, will oatmeal have no bad effect on gastritits? Moreover I also noticed that egg is a common supplement for weight gainers, is egg also safe for me?

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Gastritis is an inflamation  of the lining of your stomach. You want to stay away from foods that are considered irritants and foods that are hard to digest i.e. gluten, corn, red meat, soy, dairy, processed foods.
I would suggest gluten free oatmeal, but plain, all natural one, not a highly processed, microwavable kind. Eggs are fine.
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Alright thanks for the answer.
Further question is, I have never have oatmeal for breakfast, how do you typically prepare this other than pouring milk in? All I know about oatmeal is that it's kind of cereal and people mostly eat cereal mixed in a bowl of milk.
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Oatmeal is a dry cereal that you mix with milk (heat on stove or in microwave) or with boiling water. Most people add fruit or cinnamon to give it some flavor. Any oatmeal you buy will have directions on how to prepare.
But I HIGHLY suggest removing all dairy from your diet. With this in mind I suggest making it with water or getting yourself a milk alternative like almond or coconut. I personally use So Delicisous Vanilla Coconut Milk.
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