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Is this Normal after a Food Poisoning?

Hi all, I recently had a very bad food poisoning at the beginning of Dec. It lasted for five days but I only had diarrhea on the 1st and 5th day, never vomited. The experience was bad because unknowingly I kept eating food that made my condition worse, i.e., coffee with milk, oat and wholemeal bread for every meal. The only thing that I knew was ok to eat after the experience was the egg that I ate every morning.

After (even during) the food poisoning I felt very lightheaded and had light nauseating feeling on an off. The lightheadedness experience was as though I was drunk/ stoned, and  had a varying level of disorientation. The day after the food poisoning I went back to work and my colleagues kept telling me that I looked pale and my lips were white. I saw under an air-cond and about 10am I had the urge to walk to a warmer place, mind you I didn't feel cold. When I got to the fire staircase I started having nausea, slightly stronger than usual but it went away quickly, then I felt my pants and shirt were really tight and my eyes started to black out. At this moment I struggled and I jumped around, screamed a bit to sweat and calmed myself down.

I quickly called my doctor friend and she told me I could be experiencing all this because I was malnutrition - I didn't eat anything nutritional during that 5 days. Then I called my colleague to bring a pack of chocolate and finished them, only after that my colleagues told me my face looked better. I went to a clinic after that and the doctor suggested I could be dehydrated so she asked me to drink more isotonic drinks, and she gave me a weird look when I told her what I experienced above, the lightheadedness and the jumping around, like she had never seen anything like this before. But she told me if my condition persists for the next two days then she will do a blood test.

Anyway, I took my doctor friend's advice and started taking proper meal. Everytime I took a proper meal I felt ok, although I was never 100%. Two days after eating proper meal I could "feel" my mind/ brain but it still wasn't 100%. I didn't go back to do a blood test because my condition improves everyday. However, I only got back to 100% after eating proper meal for 1.5 weeks, which was about 4 days ago. During this period my stool either sank or the food was partially processed, and my stomach kept growling after I eat during the 1.5 weeks and passed a lot of gases, though getting less everyday. And I had to eat non-processed food to feel better after, if I ate any processed food like noodles I wouldn't feel much better after.

My questions are:

1) Is the whole experience normal?

2) Was the lightheadedness really due to malnutrition and because my stool either sank or the food was partially processed and with the growling experience, my stomach didn't really recover and couldn't digest everything during the 1.5 weeks period, that's why my recovery took longer time?
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I also read it somewhere that if I feel lightheaded or even nauseating for not eating something, then it could be hypoglycemia but I'm not diabetic =/
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