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Is this a disease?

Excessive farting. does this show that their is like too much baceria in the intestines. are the bacteriaeating up too much and releasing a lot of methane??? i need know!!!
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Passing gas is a normal part of everyday life. Monitor you diet. If you have a low tolerance for dairy, you may have excess gas. Foods like onions and some leafy green vegetables may cause gas as well. If you are concerned, see you doctor...But my Mom used to say...better out than in. Good luck!
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Ovarian cysts can also cause an excess of gas.  If adjusting your diet as above does not help you might want to check that out.  Other symptoms might include bloating, abdominal pain, sciatica like pain, breast pain, back pain, weight gain, urinary urgency or period timing issues.
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I also had excessive gas and my doctor first took me off lactose and it improved somewhat,but not to the level I was looking for.He then took me off whole wheat and that corrected my situation.I hope this helps you.Good luck to you.
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