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Is this anal prolapse?

I went to the doctor a week ago because I could feel a bulge when I was sitting on the toilet, and soft skin bulging when I strained.  I do have one hemorrhoid already that has been there for a couple years but this was new. I could also feel a tubular, circle feeling around the anus that seemed to be causing the bulging. I went to the doctor and he had me lay on my side, he said it was just hemorrhoids. However, he did not poke into the skin, he only felt the outer hemorrhoid.  He said the circular feeling was because the hemorrhoids are veins around the anus.
I followed instructions to eat more fiber, drink more water, use tucks pads etc. But it did not get better it feels worse!
Now the bulge sticks out more. It definitely feels like a tube shape that has dropped down and is pushing out. On the back side (tail bone side) I can push into the skin and feel down the side of what feels like a tube wall, And it's starting to hurt. This has all happened in the manner of two weeks! Nothing is falling out of the anus yet, but I'm worried this is internal prolapse that is getting worse. Im only 23!  
also what seems different from those with prolapse is that when I make a bowel movement, the skin bulges much more of course, and the tube feeling feels like it is pushing out a lot more, but after the bowel movement it actually gets sucked back in more than prior to the bm. and I feel better after.
Does this sound/look like prolapse?
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I dont know why it didn't upload the picture. Is there a way to add it still?

If not, here is an imgur link to the picture: http://imgur.com/oQvTUgw
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I see your picture and its an external hemorrhoids, your doctor is right, but unfortunately doctors don't know what is the perfect medication for rectal & anal diseases, and yes when you have external hemorrhoids you feel its a prolapse especially after defecation!
Search about natural oils & remedies.  
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Eat pomegranate with its tannins, ingest a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar along with a glass of water twice a day.

Avoid alcohol. Drink lots of water.
Avoid dry toilet paper, wash your butt with warm water after defecation.
Apply unpasteurized apple cider vinegar & olive oil to the inflamed area.
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I don't mean to sound rude but my question was not how to treat it, I want to know what it is. Is it prolapse? or is it just hemorrhoids?
I will of course take your advice as I'm sure it helps either. But I really just want to know what I have.
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oh my gosh Im so sorry. Now I see your comment saying it is hemorrhoids. Im so sorry. thank you!
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