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Is white foamy saliva an indication of reflux/GERD?

I have been having white foamy saliva for over a month now and my throat has a slight burning sensation in it sometimes. The white saliva seems to be giving my tongue a white coating also. The doctor first thought it was a fungal infection and gave me diflucan (2 150mg pills) and nystatin oral fluid, neither of them did anything at all so i stated to doubt is was a fungal infection since everyone says diflucan is very effective against fungus. My saliva is still white and I am trying to figure out if my saliva and tongue can be related to acid reflux. Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

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Also, would someone normally have bad breath if they have this infection?  Mine doesnt seem bad.
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H. pylori does not always go with bad breath. How it is contracted - it is funny, but one of the most frequent infection in the world - and - this is not known. It is considered that 50% of popoulation has it - usually people don't even know they have it.

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Ok, well hopefully that is all this is and the antibiotic treatment will clear it up. I have never had heatburn, burping, or white saliva until this all started a month ago.

I just really doubted the doc when he gave me yeast medication for my white tongue because the fungal medication did nothing at all. And my mouth looks nothing like the picutes of thrush, its not thick and stuck to my mouth, its just a general white coating on the papilla (spelling) of the tongue that is a bit thicker in the back. Plus my saliva is white and that comes from the stomach right?
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There are many causes of white and foamy saliva, I had a temptation to scare you with some really nasty causes.

But this saliva + hearburn + burping obviously points down to the stomach. Breath test is easy and cheap and non-invasing.

If there was salivary glands, lung, heart problem or other, there would be no heartburn and burping.
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I am pretty sure I have a healthy heart and lungs, I am a runner and I also get an annual physical where they check that stuff. I have good BP, pulse, and have a good EKG. I dont know about the salivary glands but I do salivate.

The white saliva makes me mad too, everytime I spit its white. Gross
Have you found out the cause? I have the foam in my throat, as soon as I eat, doesnt matter if its low acid food..then stays most of day, I wake up with it too. Tried nexium, antacids. Anything g you try help?? I've had it for 8 months, tried to go gluten free also and alkaline diet, no help
have you figured out anything that works for you? been dealing with something so similar for weeks now
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Would you say your parotids are swollen, any discomfort when you press on them  (parotids are between the ear and and lower jaw). I mean, it could be from parotid glands, you swallow saliva which foams in the stomach and goes back...

You can also try this: drink enough (water or tea, with enough I mean to maintain an usual amount of morning urine, at least 200 ml), and avoid as much as proteins as you can (meat, milk, eggs, beans, soy etc) for 3-4 days. Also avoid anything acidic (vitamin C, aspirin, NSAIDs, any fruit or fruit juice, vinegar, wine etc). If this will reduce your saliva problem at least a little, this is then additional proof it is from the stomach.

If you'll tease me to send you a list of 104 causes of drooling, I will send it. But then don't say, I spoiled your day :) .
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